Need help with astral projection

Okay some I pretty new to astral projection and all that now I need help when it comes to something when trying to astral projection I manage to relax my body and then I feel like soft energy is all around my and after that my body feels like its just floating in space it feels like my body is moving but I’m not and its like that before the feeling disappears after 5 min I’ve tried guided meditations but it’s always the same so I have no idea what to do any help would be appreciated

At that point try to get up out of your body without moving your muscles. Do it all ways, roll over, or sit up, or see yourself standing beside yourself,

Michael Raduga in his seminars days to give yourself an instruction, like “go to the mirror”, and that can do it. He calls this “do techniques”. You basically just keeping doing techniques until you either lose track and fall asleep, or it works. And be determined about it, and keep trying.

He said even when you get out it might not happen again for another month, with trying every day, but it gets more and more frequent over time.