Need help with a love spell

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone in here can cast a spell for me to get some girls love… she is an ex so the previous connection is already there…

I don’t care if you think that a lust spell would work better in this case i want anything that works…

And no I have no problems with black magic… it’s all fair in live and war

Thanks a lot

Asking people to do free work for you as your first post is a bit cheeky! :wink:

And getting exes back can be notoriously difficult…

Do you intend to actually learn magick yourself - have you done any spells before, or any kind of magickal or divinatory stuff?

You could try some of these to begin with:

Also, please check your messages - green icon, top right of screen. :smiley:


Hi Eva… thank you for your answer!!!
I never said I was asking anyone to do it for free!! I understand that ppl put material, time and effort into such jobs.

Unfortunately, I have never done any spells before not because of a lack of faith, but because I don’t have the time or space.

I was hoping that someone will help me :slight_smile:


Cool! :thumbsup:

Luckily, you don’t need a Temple, or hours to prepare, you can begin doing all kinds of magick reasonably simply, by opening sigils, and I just sent you a PM full of useful links - the member resources page has some great links in.

People on here are prohibited under the rules from contacting you to offer paid work, this is because otherwise, the forum would fill up with people trying to hawk their wares, and it would get very dramatic and annoying.


Thank you so much!! However, I’m a toddler in this field I don’t know the first thing about sigils or the basics I go need… and tbh I’m really worried that the more time I spend learning before I cast a spell, the more difficult the situation will become… can you or anyone kindly guide me step by step on what exactly I need to do?


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I have to go make some food, someone else might have some tips while I’m busy. :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot… I’ll try the candle magic… any other suggestions?

Hi Eva, can you please read the message I sent you?

Draw a sigil of any giving entity you wish to make a request from and write your wish.

Put your thought and intion into said sigil and place it under a candle.

Light the candle and camly and relaxed stare into the flame. Focus on your wish and command said spirit to do your bidding. In exchange offer said spirit an offering you yourself would have appreciated as a gift. This can be anything from a beer to flowers or even mentioning said spirit to some people.

Next, release. Put your trust into that you wish is underway and forget about it. The quicker you don’t concern yourself over if the speed was cast correctly the sooner the results shall come.

Well, this is my personal experience.

Thx a lot… do u recommend any specific entities??

Lady Eva RULES. She is super helpful☆☆☆☆

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She does :slight_smile: