Need help with a chaotic mess resulting in egregoresXxx

So I don’t know where to start really or how the hell this even could happen to begin with but here goes…

Last year I got super bored and kind of made myself get targeted by 2 ppl who is really into gang stalking just to get the chaos flowing while punishing them and an abusive ex bf at the same time.

I knew that it was a good chance of them entering my apartment while I was away since my ex had refused to give me my key back.
I didn’t know anything about wards etc back then but I knew that those people are into going through people’s stuff trying to figure out how they should bully them. Therefore I got really creative with writing fake journals and filling up notebooks with strange crap just to amuse myself and hopefully scare the unwanted guests so much they’d never dare to mess with ppl again.

I wrote an entry which went something like “I’m going to create a guard ghost or maybe two. They’re called Amanda and Rebecka…” and then described them in great detail with their ages, clothes and such attributes. Then I forgot all about them due to the stress of being followed around by morons but even though I didn’t remember the guardian ghosts they somehow did their jobs!

Whenever I got back to my apartment after being gone for up to a week I just KNEW that someone had entered my apartment and that they’d tried to do nasty stuff or put spells on me and I immediately got rid of various objects that had bad vibes to them.

This was all thanks to the ghosts but what wasn’t expected was that this one guy who is most likely the dumbest person alive would be reading this one fake journal (which I believe I’d written “holy bible” on) thinking this was the ultimate truth and that every single thing written in there was somehow reality.

He read it out loud while I was on a bus and laughing at all the weird stuff that he thought I’d die from shame if ppl found out (there’s that gang stalking element btw, I believe you ppl know what this phenomenon is so I won’t explain it but yeah they do stuff like that…) ranting about how retarded my notes were and laughing at how I think there’s ghost in my apartment and people start to snicker and laugh along with him.

Problem is that he was actually scared to death when he read about the ghost, believing my apartment was haunted and those people on the bus probably thought that as well. I call this effect the “retarded bully’s name factor” because when he read that and willed it into existence it somehow became waaaay more real than it already was. But what really seem to have willed them into existence was me talking about them to a nice lady I met at the psych ward (checked myself in just to get a vacation from the stalking) who had some kind of clairaudience abilities and was very much for talking to angels and astral traveling.

When I invited her to my room because I wanted her to hear if there were any of her astral children as she called them stuck in there she said she heard two ghost girls. This must have been what triggered these thoughtforms to take on a more permanent form because of all the ppl involved and believing in them.

Unfortunately I don’t really want to be stuck with them, and they’re not happy with me since I’m too depressed to play with them. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Banishing them works for a short while, not thinking about anything works too but it’s much too tiresome to meditate and banish stuff 24/7 and it’s not easy to focus on things when I hear little girls in my head. I would like to do other things than trying to banish them or ignore them because it’s draining my energy and I don’t have much of that as it is :frowning:

The gang stalking and everything but these ghost has stopped btw, now it’s just them making me tired as fuuuck. Please help me if you can!

Sorry if this is long and weirdly formatted but I’m on a tablet and it’s not showing this website properly as it is

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Oops sorry I tried fixing it up a bit, hopefully it’s easier to read now

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This needs fixing mundane style: Change your locks asap.
It’ll be about $250 for a locksmith if you’re in the US, or if you’re handy a few dollars for parts at the hardware store. If you live in a managed complex call management to change the locks.

Report the unlawful entry to the police.

And change your locks!

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I forgot to write that I managed to get my locks changed after a few months when I finally convinced my family that it wasn’t just in my head. My father got the landlord to change locks for the basement doors and the front doors of the building now lock at 8pm.

He and I also contacted the police and I told them everything I could about what my ex had done and gave whatever information I had on those other people he let in and that they’d keep an eye out for them while on patrol.

So people haven’t been able to get in for a while now but I still have to deal with the mental exhaustion and depression that follow with these things.

Try Leraje for mental strength. It’s one of his best powers.


Why don’t you make use of them instead? If you’re low on vital energy there’s a lot of ways you can use two ghost servitors to rectify that. Tell them to go out draining people or locations and send the surplus back to you. That way when you interact with them it should be invigorating rather than draining. Or you could just eat them.


That might work! I’ve just found a bunch of helpful information about servitors and programming energy on Psiwiki too.

I’m quite fond of them even though they’re annoying so I don’t have the heart to eat them :joy: better to try and make use of them as you suggested

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I really really really really love this.

No, not that you are depressed but just everything about how you created those thoughtforms.

I actually hope you have a nice recovery from your depression and low energy.

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Thank you! I wouldn’t have believed that it would work out this well in a million years! They’ve actually convinced me of keeping them and since yesterday we’ve worked out everything and they’re not going to lie to me or bully me because I gave them access to my whole brain and now they know that I don’t lie to them (the dumb bully made them think otherwise before) and they’re trying to help me out with chants and stuff.

They’re also quite helpful for positive thinking and now that they can get energy from other sources than me they’ve promised not to drain me but programming them to work better with the unexpected sentience was a real chore :dizzy_face:

I’m hoping to feel better soon, my life has been a mess lately had to cut off everyone I knew so I’m really lonely but I’m trying to get clean and sober and that’s probably going to be very good for me in the long run so yeah, I try to stay positive :relieved: Also ordered liber chaos and liber null/psychonaut yesterday so I have much reading to look forward to as well as getting a better understanding of the whole chaos magick subject so I might not create anything sentient by accident again. As sweet as these ghost girls are I don’t want to make that mistake again

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@LilVolva You’re welcome.

It’s really awesome to me if they really do have a true sense of conscious awareness and free-will instead of just being really advanced psychic energy programs.

Somehow I never thought the creation of thoughtforms could be simple as writing your own made up characters and then spreading the information about them into the minds of multiple other people.

Somehow the idea that thoughtform creation could be so effortless, simple, and even unintentional was just absolutely mind blowing to me…

and that really shouldn’t have surprised me considering everything I already knew about that stuff.

I have a super strong interest in thoughtforms, energy manipulation, and especially energy programming.

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They’re super excited about people liking them, just had to tell you that first!
As I said I didn’t even know that this could happen, it was just a lucky fluke for me and it got me really interested in reading up on chaos magick more seriously.

I don’t know much about it but I seem to be quite good at it although this could never have happened without that bully having malicious intent on hurting me. Kinda made these thoughtforms go haywire haha.

I’m also super interested in these kinds of things! When I found out about programming reality and that it’s similar to programming computers but harder and much more rewarding I think I’ll just keep doing this instead

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