Need help to get my ex back

It been 3 months my sp left me. But we are friends but are not on good terms she is with someone else and i want her back i am thinking of doing a sallos ritual from union of power by Henry archer but many people on this forum is saying that he only make people fall in love if they are perfect match and only do it for greater good but i am in love a lot and i want her back so i need other ritual which will make her fall in love and will make her come back to me we don’t talk to be honest right now but will some input into it after ritual from my side or satanachia is better or any other spirits who works fast

Oh how interesting what brought you to the forum?
Do you know what brought me to the forum?
Demons messed up my love life, (walled upon it) in other areas too,
fell so hard for this guy, the demons sabotaged it, they tormented and kept me love spelled for the guy hard! They did this til I did a pathworking and found this all out, most don’t know but once you do a pathworking there is so many things they do to try to get you in hell, but if you have been driven to the forum they are probably already around you, messing with your affairs.

this is what tends to bring so many of us to the site.
PM me if you want to talk.

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People mess up their own love life and then look for some other to blame …demons or other forces.
What is hell is going back to an ex .


You don’t know me.
I spend 24 hours a day with my demons, over 20 attached to my body that I talk to by using soft possession technique, where my body moves on it’s own. They speak to me in other ways too.

Beleth kept me up for weeks when I was talking with this guy driving me nuts and I made a fool of myself. Demons do this enough that we call it coffee crisp. We have our own culture of dozens of slang we use. I know things this forum is too scared to accept and believe!

I am risking my ass a little to say these things and could go on for hours and sure we are to blame in part but things happen that you don’t know all the time we are around spirits, if you write me off this easy you will probably be demon food, if it is not already too late.

Well, to give you my answer, in Henry Archer’s book (which is brilliant) call on Amon and Achahia for this.


I’m kind of curious to be honest. I’ve said some things on here that perhaps would not be taken so well by the wider community. But this place is unique in its freedom and in general people are quite open even if there are “debates” filled with insults and humorous comments. Perhaps you can make a thread on this.



If you want to make her come back to you, you have to break them up, and bring her back. If you’re already working with spirits then:

  • Call on a spirit to break the couple up, cause discord, chaos, fights etc in their relationship.

  • Call on a spirit to influence her emotions, bring all the good and positive thoughts and memories to mind.

  • Call on a spirit to bring the love she has or had for you to the surface.

  • Sweeten her up with a honey jar. I’ve tried those and they work for me.

  • If you don’t feel comfortable calling on spirits, try a petition spell.

  • Create a servitor to work on her mind, change her mind and come back to you. Or whatever purpose you choose.

  • Work on yourself, accept and admit your shortcomings that contributed to the breakdown of your relationship. Become the best you, give her a reason to want to come back and stay.

Those are just a few ideas. Either way, I hope everything works out. If you want to bring an ex back, do whatever makes you feel happy…good luck.


Can you please also mention spirit for every task and have you heard about goetia pathworking.

Which one union of magick, and she is with someone else so doing amon ritual or sallos which one will be better

Someone here is not going to do your work for you. You are a Magician, you must learn how to navigate magick. You have the tools to figure this out yourself. Spend time today looking through ‘The Magick of Angels and Demons’ (The Book you have) and find the spirits who can best help you.

Yes, ‘The Magick of Angels and Demons’. And use your intuition to decide. You can do a ritual to make her fall in love with you and another to break her relationship up. It’s up to you which spirits to call on and what rituals to do. This is your sacrifice.


This servitor thing is really fascinating

How much energy does it require to create one? Like way too much or just enough momentarily?

YouTube videos are not that great tbh

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I was with my ex almost 10 years; on the darkest new moon last year she left me while I was asleep attempting to monkey branch. I used that betrayal as a time to look within, she doesn’t respect you no matter how much she loves you. Never date someone who loves you more than they respect you. If you love her you must focus on yourself and depolarize yourself to where you start putting yourself first. Cut communication because you need to replace the habit of thinking with her with the habit of thinking about being your best self. I lost 100 pounds and quadrupled my income into 6 figure range in 3 months, found the perfect woman on the same day I met my ex ten years later with a PhD instead of that airhead model ex.


Information on servitors and spirits can be found using the search function, it’s a great tool.

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Actually i have a lots of books and i have read all and that’s why i am more confused

Ok i will search spirits

Dammm let’s see what destiny holds for me will think about it

You’re going to find entities for:
1 your ex to fight with her new bf, arguments and possible break up
2 for you to change her mind completely, thinking about you (when you’ve done this, you have to do the work and talk to her before the magick expires)
3 find an entity to make her act in real life to love you back again (this is when you are already flirting with her)

There are enough entities in the Goetia that can do this, these are the 3 aspects I can come up with but you can perform magick to so many more aspects to ensure she will come back to you!


Should i break her up first or do a love spell first

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It depends if you know how much your ex loves her new bf, it also depends on you

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That can definitely happen. But no worries, if you’re going to work with ‘The Magick of Angels and Demons’, and it a good book, just focus on it for now and disregard the rest for now. I think that book is all you really need right now. But keep in mind this is a rather difficult situation, so ponder and study the book and see what you think would be the best course of action. The advice in that book is enough.

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