Need help: Questions about Gods and Spirits, regarding a story in progress

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently had a vision about writing a fictional story and/or screen play regarding the Gods, spirits, and demons and angels in the world.

The help that I need in this forum is to just ask very simple questions from people who have communicated with Gods and spirits in any way or have studied them intensely. I have read a few books and articles but have gotten different information on some of the spirits.
I’d like mention as many of them in story as possible, all playing important roles. So I just like to know things like: Looks, personality, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses (if any), and any ultimate motives regarding this world. I want to give accurate descriptions, and possible backstories, so that people like you who know and have experienced a lot regarding the matter would appreciate it.

You guys can reply to me here or through private messages.
Any help and advice is appreciated.

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