Need help passing a test

So I have a test tomorrow and I really need help passing it? Any advice for me? Do you guys know any demons, angels, or spirits I can evoke and make a pact with that can help me pass the test? Any spirits who deal with success and luck? Also do you guys know any good magickal methods I can use? Maybe charging a item and bringing it with me

Leraje for mental strength.

Also try the search. This gets asked a lot and there are a few answers in this forum with various viewpoints. This one is just my go-to.


Try making a sigil wit symbolism for studying, or focus, somethin with vivid color, that you like see or can put near were ya study, that acts a visual activated magic stimuuli


I second doing a forum search, this question was just asked not too long ago by another member. Good luck on your test & hope you pass. :crossed_fingers:t5:


Athena and Saraswati have given me the best results

I passed each and every exam after asking Bune for help, even when I was sure I’d flunk them. People I advised praying to Bune also reported great success with exams. So yeah, try him, I guarantee you’ll pass.


Have you asked him for all exams at once or one by one ?

Huh, I honestly don’t remember that. At my business school we usually have one exam at the time instead of cramming them up in one or two exam periods. In that case yeah, I did one by one. Probably for the best too since you make it clear you’ll pass each and every one of them.