Need help or advice

So, I have not been active in this forum but I do lurk everyday. I love this forum with everyone’s experiences. Just need some help or advice.

My friend who owns an etsy store says that Lord Amdusias came to her in a dream saying I have not been motivated in my music and not focusing. I have a pact with Lord Amdusias and he helps me with my music career by giving me melodies in my head and sometimes guiding my hands when I am producing EDM music. Yes I have been unmotivated lately and haven’t been producing music for the past month now.

So, my friend says she feels dark energies around me and causing me all kinds of bad juju. I am not fully opened in my psychic senses. So sometimes, I can hear and sometimes i can not hear spirits and entities. I do feel their energy majority of the times. But this entity is hiding it’s presence really good from me.

I used to get attacks like stabbing pains and etc when I was sleeping before a few years back for a few years but it subsided when I started going to the left hand path and getting spiritual. So I am thinking maybe psychic attacks or just draining me and giving me nightmares. These attacks are coming back. Recently had one like 2 weeks ago when I was trying to do reality shifting to get to my Desired Reality and see if that stuff was for real lol. I feel it has distorted my energy sensing so sometimes I can not feel my demon’s energies and they all feel the same to me now. I have 2 female demons from a reputable seller from back in 2009 when I first got into the metaphysical and occult. One is a lower born demon and one is a hell born demon princess.

A few days ago I was closing my eyes at work outside of a building in the front where I was sitting and just wanted to rest my eyes for a few minutes because I work the graveyard and was very tired and sleepy. I felt something hit my chest and I thought it was a bat or a bird so I got paranoid and went to the doctor’s in the morning to reassure myself if it was a bat and gave me rabies. It was fine but the thing that hit my chest was exactly like a bird or bat or something physical hitting me.

I recently got a reading from a psychic who reads on parasite attachments and etc. Well, the psychic told me I have a black arts entity attached to me and it attacks me while I am sleeping or meditating or having an OBE. The psychic recommended me to get a deep cleansing and to evoke and get Beelzebub or Marbas to get rid of the entity. What do you guys think? Sorry for disturbing you all. Thank you very much.

First, never feel sorry or embarrassed or even ashamed to ask for advice. Your questions are welcome here, your concerns are valid.

I think these topics would be of great help for you:


Hey that is what this place is for. If you need advice on spiritual matters or something that is why we are here for lol I find it funny you work with Beezlbub because of a dream I had this morning. But let me say don’t ever be sorry for asking of advice or to sources that could help you.

I know I’m going through something myself as of late with spirits. Now it’s not on the same level as your going through but I definitely would recommend you get a cleansing and banishment done. You would benefit from shielding and monthly cleansing as I know from myself at least attract spirits like no one’s business.

I am sorry this is happening to you but it’s just one of the things that comes with working with anything spiritual especially this type of magic.

Thank you for your advice and encouragement. I am working with Lord Amdusias with my music career lol he is a very strict teacher. But a very nice guy. Love the guy. King Beleth is his mentor and King Beleth wants to make a pact with me also because he wants to teach me music also.