Need help in getting out of a difficult situation

Hey Guys,
I’m not gonna bore you with the full details, but long story short I could be asked to leave my college because of some documentation issues, so, which Angel/Demon should I ask for help to get me out of this situation?
Thanks in advance!

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I’m in a similar situation to yours so I feel ya… I’d say choosing a spirit depends on what exactly you want to do. If you want to manipulate whoever is in charge of your case call on demons such as Orias or Dantalion. If you want to hide something call on Bael. If you need some legal aid call on Belial. You can also work with the god of the internet XaTuring, who could help you with your documents (if they’re in digital form). The only angel I’m working with is Poiel, who’s supposed to give someone whatever they want.

I’m sure there are many other spirits that could help you, but these are the only ones I could think of right now.

May I ask what you mean by “documentation issues”?

Corwin hargrove, check his ebook. Not sure but i tink demons of deception to control their minds

Good, cheap ebook.

at this this point i know i sound like a broken record but i swear this book is like baking soda or salt or sugar it’s like a must have for any library. henry archer the magick of angels and demons. buy it im sure all your problems will be solved.

Okay! also can you tell me more about XaTuring??

All the info you need on XaTuring is in this thread:

Good luck!