Need help identifying the problem

Hello everyone
Sorry if i am posting in a wrong section but couldn’t find a more relevant part.
I started using magic and this forum about 20 month now and tbh i got results for i wanted in almost every part, getting back to my GF after working on it for 8 month, getting wealth opportunities from start
But sth doesn’t quit feel right, those opportunities don’t lead to success. Everytime i was inches close to getting them done, sth gone sideways and they got canceled. Talking about more than 15 times. I communicate with king Paimon in which i owe him my GF back. Also bune and claunek for the wealth part.
So far i also used NAP. Tried to ask focalor to remove any curse. Bathe Cleansing my self to decurse. But idk what else can cause such set backs.
I am open to any help and suggestion. Or even maybe some readings that can help me with this matter.

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Rather than any sort of curse, from your description, it sounds to me like you might have a fear of success. In other words, you are sabotaging your magick with your own limiting beliefs.

My suggestion would be to start deprogramming your subconscious. This might help:


Thanks for the help,
Im gonna start working on myself, but there is some sense lingering within me, telling me there are unknowns against me.
I think if i get to know what they are i can get rid of them easily. With whiteboarding or a more direct approach.


Cover all avenues. Ward, shield, banish and do the whiteboarding.

I also recommend getting a neutral third party to do a reading for you to see if what you sense about unknown forces against you is a fact, or just your mind playing tricks. Going to a third party instead of divining for yourself will help keep emotion out of it and give you a good idea of what might be happening.


But can you recommend some people that can help me with it :slight_smile:

Sorry, I can’t make specific recommendations for professional readers, but there are always people offering free reads on the forum so just look for a thread and drop in an ask. I think @King_kemet is currently offering but he has quite the backlog at the moment so it might be awhile before he can get to your request. I would still put in your name though. Just look for his thread “tarot readings galore”