Need help, I need a really strong love spell

I have a difficult target, I had done spells on him successfully, I did Damon brands magickal seduction ritual 1 and I got what I wanted, sex with him a few times but He keeps leaving! Comming back and ghosting me
I want him to stay and I want a love spell that makes a strong emotional connection towards me
any advice? I have tried a candle spell with blood 2 nights ago, I had some of his belongings (clothes and a letter he wrote) which I used
No movement yet
anyone have any advice for me?

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Do we have advice for you!

Check out the part where it lists the entities that have specific talents. I forget who but at least one brings love from sexual attraction. Try that one :slight_smile:


I’ve never worked with a demon before the furthest I have got is Damon brands work I don’t know where to start

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In that case, I would say stick to what you know and can do now, which is sympathetic magick.

You’ve done candle spells successfully, so build on that experience and adjust the attraction spell into a candle magick love spell.

… 3rd one down in the post I linked. Open that topic scroll to the top, and follow that.
CHANGE the exact wording to what you want, but keep the x3 x7 format.

Let’s pretend his name is (random pick) Daniel, for argument’s sake…

E.g. say 7 times:
Just as this candle burns, Daniel burns with love for me
Just like this candle melts, Daniel melts for me
Just like this candle drips, Daniel yearns for me

Your focused intention is very important. The flame is a portal for your will, so while you say this imagine as fully as you can, how you will feel when your love feels the same way you do. Picture how it will be together in the same loving energy and how happy that makes you.

If you feel a bit ‘meh’ afterwards and wonder if you still care, you exhausted your will and that’s a very good sign. You do not want to worry that it didn’t work, that will kill it.


What’s the difference between sympathetic magick and magick working with spirits (demons) etc
I did Damon’s brand ritual 1 which I called upon spirits but they were not demons
I’m really curious and I do thing I’m ready to advanced into adding spirits to my work, but what do I start with ? And is it worth it? Will I get stronger and faster results
My results have been very on and off I’m not really happy , he keeps vanishing I want him to stay for good

Thank you

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It’s stylistic. Sympathetic magick is “low magick”, traditional witchcraft where you are only relying on yourself, and your link to the target. The candle is representing your love, hence the ‘sympathy’ part.

Here’s a link about sympathetic magick.

Other examples are poppets/voodoo dolls, and witches ladders. It’s a very practical and more independent approach, and more freeform and open to personal adjustment. You can literally stand out in the woods/kitchen/bar, grab whatever is to hand and make it up as you go along.

Conversely, ‘high magick’ is your ceremonial, ritual magick, where you don’t have a sympathetic representation of the target, you call an entity, tell the entity what you want, with all the intent and emotion stuff as part of that communication, and they do it for you. Typically rituals are proscribed and less open to editing, and need prior planning and often, more materials and ritual tools.

In practice, things tend to be a bit of both (a candle ritual is a good example of a blend of ritual and natural magick) and what you go with depends more on your personality, what you enjoy doing and how it makes you feel. Some people just adore the psychodrama of a good 2 hour fancy ritual, some do the exact same work with a bit of red thread, twisted paper and spit… or nothing at all. “You pays your money, you takes your choice.”


So why do people choose to do high magick with entities ? is it because the results are stronger? Why doesn’t everyone just do sympathetic magick?

I’ve been practising a few years now and I’m honeslty getting a bit bored of the candle magick , i really want this man, what is it going go take?

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Maybe perform it everyday at the same time to make it gain momentum, and otherwise let go in the time between? (Or, every friday at same time, as example)
As a practice to contain the obsessing.


I love a good „meh“ feeling


I said, it’s literally about personal preference. You know how they say, the best diet is the one you actually stick to? Pick a current or tradition, and practice. No one is better than the other, so go with what you can do, understand and enjoy the most, that fits your style and values.

It takes you, yourself and more you… you get out what you put in. :woman_shrugging:

If you want to try something new, maybe get your evocation on: look up “evocation tutorial” here and do one… Beleth will turn lust to love. Make sure your wards and on point and you can cleanse your space to make it nice and clear before you start, then you can be sure to avoid impostors and parasites, ground well afterwards.

Otherwise I just gave you a whole bunch of love tutorials, read through them and try something different. Or go buy a new book that looks cool and try that. It’s all up to you.

Here, go wild:


Two nights ago is a little too soon to tell.

That being said, you used your own blood and his belongings, so the bond is made and you’ll be seeing results in the next few months, surely.

I did a rework of the second ritual from Magickal Seduction, in case you want to try it: Magickal Seduction: Ritual 2 Rework/Extended Experiment DON'T DO THIS, DOESN'T WORK

This is just common sense: don’t chase him. Do what he does, mirror him. If he pulls back and stops calling or texting, don’t do it either. If he only calls you for booty calls and he never offers anything else, reject him until (if) he does.

Magick is already working, but you have to do your mundane part as if you hadn’t done the magick. If somebody ghosts, chasing them will only push them further away. Let him show interest.

If months pass by and he grows more and more distant anyway, it’s because the spirits are aware of something you are not, and he wouldn’t be a good match for you anyway.


Thank you, that book looks really intresting I’ll add it to my list, do you have any other reccomendations too?
honestly I am really drawn to sympathetic magick/sex magick/blood magick , but I have been practising so long I am open to new things just to experiment. I’m very drawn to demons and would like to try, but comfjsed where to start :laughing: would I just pick a demon and call upon them with their sigil and ask them to do what I want? No candles etc ?

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Try Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield

Hey! Thank you , so ritual 2 is archangel hankel ritual? i did try that one and no results yet but I’m open to try it again soon, ritial 1 is where I got my results and he came back for sex a few times but like I said I want him to feel a deep connection with me and actually want to be with me and stop running away, ritual 1 is also not exactly easy I mean 5 days of sex magick it’s a bit much but I will try it again soon

He’s actually got me blocked at the moment🤣 so I feel a bit down , however my tarot cards are telling me he is having mostly positive feelings about me

Yes I have 2 of his belongings (handwriting and clothes) so hopefully it will do the job

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Yeah you can do sigil magick to call them, for sure.

The Official Tutorial :D:

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This is where it’s easy to go wrong. It’s one thing to repeat rituals because you sense it was a damp squib, but it’s another to redo just because it didn’t work and you’re worried, impatient and thinking it didn’t work.

This is what we call “lusting for results” in these parts, because that’s what the site Owner E.A. Koetting calls it. It will kill your existing workings, so if that’s what you’re going, relax, trust yourself and picture it all working for you. Don’t do more, you could mess it up.


Yep. But check my rework because I noticed the Genius (Sisera & Jazar) weren’t optimal for it.

Personally, I got awful results from that ritual (the original one from MS, not the rework). As soon as I started it, conflicts began between me and my target, and the connection ultimately ended. Many people had the same poor results too, which is why I thought of a rework.

It’s also a common denominator that the casters end up falling deeply in love with their targets, but the targets seem unaffected. Haniel used to be blamed for this, but it’s actually because of Jazar.

Oof… then you need to open him up to communication first. You’ll have to layer your workings.

  • Isolate him to take away the competition (yes, there’s always more)
  • Make him think fondly of you, open up his heart and mind to you
  • Make him want to communicate with you
  • Then make him want a relationship with you

What lead him to block you?

Don’t. It’s ok to repeat rituals if you think you said something wrong, or maybe you weren’t in the right mindset. Otherwise, it’s simply showing lack of trust in the spirits and the magick itself, which could end up being a self-sabotage.


Do you know what it’s funny you say that about the caster becoming obsessed with the target because that’s how I feel right now even though we have not had any contact for over a month. Constantly thinking about him, checking if he has unlocked me etc etc

he blocked me because well, he has avoidant attachment, he came to see me and everything was perfect, he left then he didn’t text me or message me and ignored me which upset me so I sent him a bit of a upset message, he then blocked me without a reaction :see_no_evil:he obviously got scared as I was too eager I guess.

oh god so you are telling me I need to do 4 different spells? Where do I start

So did my target, except it was me that gave up and blocked him. And yeah, the ritual made me obssesed just like you, so it was really hard for me to do it… but my dignity and self-love comes first.

Can you imagine what a nightmare it must be to be in a relationship with an avoidant? Idk about you, but I love and need affection to be shown to me. I can now see an avoidant would make me greatly unhappy, and I’m glad I had the dignity to walk away. My target wasn’t what I needed.

It’s kinda rude to sleep with someone and ignore them afterwards… you had every right in the world to feel upset and express it. Unfortunately, some people can’t take being called out on their BS, and they block it so they don’t have to hear it. Like kids singing out loud so they don’t hear their parents calling them out on their BS, pretending it doesn’t exist.

Don’t you think you deserve better?

Of what? Of somebody feeling upset because they were used?


Actually, no. I wouldn’t do any love workings on that guy. Curse the sh1t out of him so he learns some humility and starts treating people better.


@Jnomadik after all you went through with your situation, and you did so much work you started to manifest poltergeist activity in your house, what do you think on this thread, given you also have first hand experience?

Would you advise Clara keeps going or hang fire?