Need help desperately

Hey guys and gals, first time I’ve asked and don’t like to really but would anyone be willing to help me…

I am completely in love with a woman I have been chatting to for a while, we are so close and have so much in common, I know she cares for me but states she just wants a friend as she’s had bad relationships and not ready.

I’m newish to magick and stuff, I have tried pathworking with Magoth and Daglus but to no avail, I thought once or twice there was progress but then I get shot down.

I have tried a candle spell I found on here but not had a result

Please can somone help me… it sounds stupid but I’m infatuated and it hurts that she doesn’t want a relationship…

Thanks for reading


If you take the time to understand the many powers of the demons, rather than ruminating in despair, perhaps you will see, perhaps the demons will communicate to you, a way to get what you want.

Have you considered the power to make someone change their mind? To attract someone with direct will? To enhance your personal beauty? To create an aura of power and dignity?

If she’s not gonna fuck you she’s not gonna fuck you. Use the power to encourage chance meetings that can lead to sexual/emotional attraction and move on to the next one. Curse her if you feel the need to do so. I have had good results from making someone suffer as they made me suffer. Petty, you say? Right, I always have to be the mature one, which means letting toxic people be toxic and not be punished for it.

I would suggest summoning the power of dignity. No one except for a tyrant wants to fuck a desperate groveler.


She doesn’t want a relationship with you because she’s been burned in the past. So nothing you say or do in the mundane will make her change her mind.

Your pride and ego took a hit when she rejected your advances, that’s why you feel the way you do. Do work on building confidence so you aren’t as dependent upon a relationship with her, and work on possibly healing her past trauma so she can see you in a different light. She just doesn’t want to get hurt again.


Sounds mostly like being patient might be the best way to go. If she likes you but needs time to get over past trauma, brute force with magic might get immediate results you like but it’d be forcing her out of her comfort zone and probably later turn to resentment or otherwise negative feelings towards you and herself and just add additional trauma to her. You could as some others suggested work with demons to work on yourself to soften the blow to your infatuated ego and allow yourself the ability to wait patiently.


You can use magick if you want, but I don’t think you really need it. If you talk all day with this woman and you’re there for her all the time… she’ll get bored and see you like a friend. Show her you have a life of your own, show her you’re interesting and exciting. My advice? Try not talking to her for a couple days… she’ll be back to you.


I second @QueenMustang, try a candle shell for her healing. It sounds like she’s already into you, so thatpart is fine, now prove her right by being there for her magickally as well.


A lot of women have been lied to, cheated on and used by different people. It’s not your fault. But you see a broken human being with trust issues. (She is probably a strong person, i mean she is broken about certain things).

You have to have TRUE patience. Make her feel comfortable. Birds build nests for just females to look at. Animals put forth a lot of effort for a chance to catch a mate.

How are you doing in life? Do you have a human nest for this woman?

If not use money magic first.


Can the chance meetings be used for a specific person?