Need guidance to this new path

Hello everyone, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group. I’m new to this path. I have been copying what I see in videos , bleeding on the sigil & I feel nothing. I made a nice altar for Lucifer but I know the altar is not activated. I believe I need a black mass, something to remove anything blocking what I’m doing. If I’m not making sense then you understand how I feel. Any advice ?

What makes you think that you are not being heard and your altar is not activated? Develop your vision, work on your chakras and learn to feel the energy around you. They can hear you, don’t worry. It takes time and practice. Nothing will happen instantly. Keep working on yourself. Ask Lucifer to help you along the way.

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Make sure you’ve done your introduction post properly, the mods will be commenting soon I reckon.

Your experiences fit with what most magicians go through.

At first you’ll feel nothing but whatever you evoke almost always shows up. When they don’t show up it’s cause they’re proving a point so they make it obvious, like you can pointedly sense their absence.

Give it a few months and yeah do what BafametX suggested. Look up Psychonaut Field Manual. Work on your chakras and release energy blocks. Sastan (not Satan) is who people evoke to help with psychic senses, so you can look him up.

Avoid asking too many questions or asking for a mentor. There’s loads of info on here and you just need to be proactive and find it yourself. If magic is new to you it’s easy to get overexcited and take it super seriously and worry about pedantic details. Once you’ve had more experience you’ll chill out with it and find your groove.


I will follow your advice. Thank you

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I meant no wrong if I posted this incorrectly. I will not give up I will work harder & take any advice/guidance. Thank you

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Heya and welcome!

If it is difficult to let go of preconceptions or fears due to a previous spiritual path, look into Blasphemy Rites. They come in many different forms, but overall they are meant as a symbolic act to let go of past influences step into your own power and stop leaning on the wisdom of others. In my opinion the most important thing is that you make this ritual personal and emphasize that you do it with your own power and authority.

If it is mainly difficult just to sense something look into energy work and self hypnosis, especially self hypnosis is valuable in terms of learning to get into trance states. Energy work is valuable to become more sensitive to energy changes and eventually manipulating energy.

A very valuable link might be this course one the BALG writers posted on this forum a while ago. You are sure to find some great exercises and rituals in there to help you along:

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