Need assistance find out who’s sigil this is

Hey everyone.

Last night I woke up from a dream and saw this sigil in my mind.

Does anyone know who it could belong to?



Could be a making of your own mind or a sigil with different purpose than contact to a entity

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Its probably not for any entity unless you’re working with some currently. Its more than likely a sigil for what looks like “being taught” or “accepting teaching” as thats what I goy from it. But others may have more knowledge


I also saw a teacher/student look/feel from it.


Ok @Nimosdomus @Mind_Seeker20 . I do have some voices that talk to me and they have shown me sigils when I have asked them to. I made a post on it here The voices I hear They are quite annoying because they talk to me when I evoke beings such as Lucifer. If you look at the post you might get a better understanding of what they are because I’m not quite sure what they are. But they have mentioned they are helping me with many things. I just don’t like them when they talk to me and interrupt my evocations.

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I’ve read that post, then maybe they’re showing you that they’re “teaching you”.

Not sure, just a thought.

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May be ancestors. Just politely tell them to leave or be quiet and they should leave, if they get hostile then they are lying parasites.


They have gotten hostile twice before. A couple of weeks ago I kept hearing listen to our messages or… Also I stole something from Lucifer? They make no sense but sometimes they do. Some of them have said they are messengers or I am a messenger. They mainly speak in a side of my head, right or left. Never around me. They mostly come to me and say they have something important to tell me but as i said it doesn’t always makes sense. I also have had entity’s in my dreams and they were talking to me. I asked them what their name was and I got Marvin last night and Christopher 2 weeks ago. I also met a being called Athurus in my dreams awhile back, but in the same dream I heard “How can you hear us” and then i started to fall and spas out and I heard “We are the hidden gods”. So I think it could be them or any of these other beings that have given me names.