Need an explanation


Ok so one of my friends is a Pagan witch… Now I don’t know much about that at the moment since my mind is blank … But there’s something that’s confusing me a little… so she doesn’t summon demons at all … And doesn’t care to… But one night she was at my house to spend the night … And she wanted me to evoke a demon so I let her choose between Satan, Lucifer, King Paimon, Beelzebub, and Azazel. I gave her info on each and she ended out deciding on Azazel… So I went into the bathroom since my room was a mess at the time . We looked in the mirror and lit some candles … Then I held onto the sigil of Azazel and started to meditate on the sigil…after I did I started silently saying what I do for evocations… And after I said, " Make your presence known and manifest before me in this great temple." After saying this a few times my friend said she felt a scratch run up her leg to her mid thigh… But I didn’t see one… I saw his sigil flash once… But that was all … She saw a shadow behind me and I saw it a little bit … I ended out dismissing him and blowing out the candle and us both leaving the room to eat something…Next day she says she loves Azazel and wants to fuck him… But she doesn’t work with him or summon him so like what? I’m confused… Any thoughts?


:rofl: ahahahha… I can’t… Azazel got to her… Also witches are sensitive to entities because they do spells and shit!


i heard he is a beast when it comes to sex maybe he yeah n yeah…its a strong possiblity


Ok thank you…


True , and thank you




Azazel be slaying dem hoes :sunglasses: sike lol


Now I feel stupid :rofl: which I know I am


What’s to explain? Contact was made. Where they take it from there is up to them. That’s what you wanted isn’t it?


Clearly, OP was curious why their friend has these feelings out of nowhere and they’re somewhat intense.


OP, he’s probably leaving some influence on her and that’s causing these new feelings :ok_hand:


Thank you for putting it like that… I wrote this when I was kinda out of it…and the question was really bugging me …


No worries.

If you think he’s influencing so much that her personality changes (in a bad way), you can always him to remove his influence. He may or may not but just watch and see how she acts.

Hope that helps


I guess it is… But all she does is talk about him and never evoke him, if anything she reads fan fiction or something like that…


It does, thank you :3


Nah, I have someone in my life so no I’m not jealous… I was just confused…