Need advice

So like, i came from a 4 year witchcraft journey recently and launched into Christianity, working with Jesus and using his power. Not the religious type ceremonies and whatever, but literally going out like the disciples and healing the sick, casting out what we would call demons, etc. Had alot of experiences like it and it definitely is true this can be done from personal experience.

But… something in the back of my head is like “My spirit does NOT match with this belief, yet ill go along with it”

It gives me joy and all that, nothing bad about it at all but i feel like i have a dark side that is being pushed down or suppressed and i feel like i should embrace both sides of me but then idk… my dark side is extremely blunt, likes to mess with people, vengeful in some ways to… so as u can see im in a little dilemma.

What do u guys think i should do? Totally scrap christianity, be Christian but accept my dark side? Lemme know your thoughts.

Then i have a succubus who i actually really love… but Jesus is like NOPE.

visibly imploding brain

And im also thinking like “What if my beliefs arent the only truth? What makes MY truth the only one? People say many things depending on the person, what makes these things truth?”

I think to thine own self be true but also that you need to determine whether it’s really your mind and not brainwashing or archons or such telling you this isn’t your path you need to figure out if it’s really you telling you your on the wrong path (once that’s figured out follow through with what’s true to your real self).

You started doing this Christian & healing without anyone coercing you right? If you did it without being pressured to it night not be you making you think you aren’t on the right path (because I’ve heard that there are archons that try messing with people sometimes and it sounds like one might be messing with your free will trying to influence you but I could be wrong that why I say you need to figure out whether it’s really you telling you this).

If it’s really you telling you to stop Christianity or magick whichever then do it AFTER you are sure it’s you and something isn’t influencing you then be true to yourself BUT if you realize it’s not you ignore it.

@Mulberry @DarkestKnight do either of you have anything to add (like maybe ways for the op to tell if they’re being influenced by something. Maybe a thread to check out or something)?

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Thats some pretty sound advice. Thank you! I will actually look into this with myself. Time for a heart and mind check in lol

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This sounds more like frustration with people being people than a “dark side”. I wouldn’t worry about it and just be ok with having negative emotions, you’re only human after all. :woman_shrugging: If you want to perform a shadow self pathworking that might be helpful to understand why you react this way. I would not recommend trying to suppress them, it’s ideal to understand them: Know thyself.

From a Christian perspective, you could view these emotions and your inner demons and perform an exorcism on yourself to get rid of them. It’s probably not a bad idea to do that anyway as a basic spiritual hygiene practice. In these parts we call that "banishing and cleansing". People pick up unwanted energies all the time, and good cleanse regularly never hurts.

Seems a bit extreme. There’s nothing wrong with having the full gamut of emotions, as long as you stick to you principles and be the person you want to be.

Depending on what style or sect of Christianity you are following, it could be incompatible and you’ll get into unhelpful mental headgames over “sinning”.

  • If you are simply looking to gain Christ consciousness following Jesus’ teachings, sinning is basically going against your own inner guidance, which is the “father within”, which is god, because you are god.
  • If you’re trying to follow the restrictive and disempowering rules of Catholicism then you can’t talk to god through your heart, you’re just a sinner and only an authorised Priest can absolve you and advise you correctly, not us on BALG. (There’s special words they use for all this but I forgot what.)

If you are a Christian and have put your trust in Jesus, do as you’re told. If you just work with Jesus like you would with any other entity, then hear the advice, thank him nicely but make your own mind up. It’s your life, you might be making a mistake, but you will learn.

Personally, I think all Succubi and Incubi are nothing but parasites, you trade them your energy to get your rocks off… muh demon dick is sooo not by bag, but you do you. :smiley:

Well, what is “truth”? It’s model of reality. Human language is a bit shit, let’s face it, we make the best approximation we can on explaining the underlying reality but we’re limited, we are deaf and blind in a much more subtle and complex universe, so really we just do our best. Hence people talk about "MY truth, “PERSONAL gnosis”, etc. Nobody can ask more than that.

In my opinion, results.
If the model of reality you are using, accurately predicts results and helps you obtain them and function successfully in society, your bills are paid, your clothes are clean, you are happy and fed, then you’re of sound mind and you can believe what you want.

If those belief help you develop your spirituality to ascend, whether you se that as beig raptured, going to heaven or physically ascending like a Taoist Immortal, so much the better.

Before you give up on Christianity, I have a book recommendation you might like. Its not a Christian books and most Christian churches would probably condemn it, but it talks about Jesus is a favourable was as an ascended master who still teaches the raw truths he taught when alive. (Or he did when the books were writtem, he’s immortal, after all, and still walked the Earth teaching as you’ll read.)

What Jesus really was, is something we call can be too: ascended. The original teaching out of India are so much more than the pallid weak and overcontrolling nonsense the churches changed it to, which to understad any of requires initiations nobody is taught in churches today. This make sthe bible a pretty doorstop. Anyway, don’t take my word for it, see what you think. :slight_smile: