Need advice on Lilith

Yes, I know the search forum but it doesn’t have what I’m asking.

Last night I got back in touch with Belial, it was his reward for lasting this long though we both know I’m not out of the woods yet so he hasn’t taken me under his wing just yet.

Fingers crossed in making it.

So while I was in dream with him, he led me to this cloaked figure with a full hood so I couldn’t see anything about them. I, of course, asked him who it was and he said “Lilith”.

Ever since the dream, I just can’t get her name out of my head and its so far in that I even asked Lucifer his permission to speak with her since I hear that he has a tendecy to guard her like a gem.

I only went for permission because I have a hard time getting along with other women sometime but if they believe she can help me then I want to really try.

So I come to you guys with questions:

  • How is her personality?
    I hear that she can be a bitch, that she’s nice, that she’s a bit of both.

  • How is she to work with? Is she iron fisted or a dream?

  • This’ll be unrelated: Is she pretty?
    I tend to have no filter when commenting about someones looks so I want time to prepare.


Start out by not referring to Lilith as a bitch xD


When she came to me she was subtle at first, gave a real sensual energy and had me admit my deepest goals and desires. Afterwards she gave a really good energy, I felt loads more confident and my insecurities were practically gone. It felt like i was glowing even.

For the bitch part- i dont think so. She sorta kept her distance from me for a bit because after helping me so much to solve my problems I was dealing with- I let a few peoples words about her get to my head so I didn’t try to communicate with her for a minute. I let myself believe the rumors and in turn she took her energy and left.

She popped into a dream of mine after i tried to call her back into my life a few times (she didnt answer a few timeess) and in the dream she was absolutely beautiful. I tried looking up pictures of her but they didn’t fit my vision— she appeared so angelic looking, light surrounded her, she was wearing a beautiful long dress- white and pale pink and i dont know, gorgeous lace, also had a cloak but it was see-through. Just walking around talking calmly until she came really close, pushing me against the wall and made a really terrifying face. Showing her anger, i wanted to be scared of her so she gave me something to be scared of.

Now things are calm, she soothes me when i get overwhelmed, have anxiety, or cry. She helps me put myself back together. I always feel her petting my hair and talking really nicely like a mother


Lollllll she gets it. What she doesn’t like is if one listens to rumors and acts scared of her. She got really upset with me once because i seeped into that for a bit


Yeah already off to a rough start lol just saw in the search forum that one person went right for doing so it helped nothing.

Which is why I’m hear because of the rumors circling around her. I don’t want the first meeting to be “So do you mind if we clear up some rumors?” lol

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I’ve only spoken with her once. Her energy intimidated me, but I swallowed my nervousness and she was good to me. I have a friend, however, with a much deeper connection. If you feel called to her, seek her out. But with respect.


No wonder their nudging me towards meeting here. I’m really shy and insecure,
almost to the point of wanting to give up on my goals.

It sounds like I’m going to get real les over her. Wonderful.

Same thing here. I always felt a deep dread like feeling whenever I thought of her before, it just felt like it would be wrong to talk to her.

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When i called to her i was a bit “scared” because of what people have said but i decided to completely cast that out and simply let myself be receptive and just feel her out for what she is to me, towards me. Ignoring all information i had read about her. I think thats probably the best way to go in. Forget all you’ve heard.

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Thanks for the reminder. It’s why I’m here even though I am a woman, women just make me feel intimated so manners will just go right out.

Want to make sure I get everything cleared up so I can go in with a “proper” view.

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I think she’s much more receptive and welcoming of women than she is of males, you’ve read about her story yeah ?


Was a catholic for a time so that story was heard often. That’s why this thread doesn’t involve the “Should I call her?” question.

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Noooo, i thought hearing her story would help you understand who she really is so you can sympathize with her. understand why she’s all for female empowerment


Do understand her whole women empowerment but sympathy isn’t my place.

To me, if someone wants sympathy then they’ll make a big deal over it and basically ask for it.

I think she’s strong enough to not need it. All she needs is understanding.

Just my outside opinion.

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two kinds of sympathy: pity & understanding. she would find pity as an insult


True, hadn’t thought of it like that.


She is lovely. Here is my encounter with her:

She is among the few spirits I have given offerings to because, gosh darn it, I want her to like me :blush:


Thank you that. It’s added some weight but a good weight because I want her to like me too.

It’s just this:

Sounds like the next hell of needing to submit to their wants. I know more of demon love then love for myself or others, I’m not fierce or powerful.

As for forgiveness, holding grudges is a terrible habit.

All I have is a stubborn devotion when I believe in something.

She’s going to ride me on this.

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Not necessarily. She gives to those who call upon her what they need to hear, so what was said to me may have no bearing on what she says to you. We all have our own burdens and fears. Lilith is often used in shadow work, which is reconciling with the parts of your being that you’d rather not face, and recovering the energy expended in hiding or fighting them. She brings healing, but it is never easy facing the so-called “negative” aspects of yourself.

When she was speaking of forgiveness, she was telling me to forgive myself, not anyone else. We are always harder on ourselves than anyone else can be and we need to let go of the mistakes we have made, and the bad decisions and the unintentional hurt we may have caused. That stuff can drag us down if we don’t release it, and can prevent us from fully being in our Power.

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She’s said to be the first wife of adam, equal to him, but in divorce to him.^^
Other then Eve, she hasn’t been lower or less then adam.

you could also interpret it as her being the prime mother goddess.
But then there’s said she’s killing baby’s.