Need advice on baneful magick

Okay guys
So I plan to use Gordon winter field Demons of magick book for a baneful working

My main concern is the energy of the ritual coming back on me any advice/precaution to take so that I make sure the energy does not come back to me
In anyway

The result I’m looking for is to render this family from slandering my name in court or doing any harm to me outside of the legal system

Anyway, advice or opinions are appreciated.

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Sounds like you want a binding. We have tons of those if you look at top right. Meh’mi’on is a dab hand at helping with those. For a non entity approach I like poppet magick. I’ve talked about those a lot as well so it should come up in a search.


You do a banishing ritual and a brief path working, during it you work with words of power that give you the authority of God, or the power that you have recognized god.

This is a powerful moment because it recognizes you are acting either as God or someone who has been recognized by God, you next actions (the demonic ritual) are out of that frame as someone who has the authority of god. When you work with the authority you are not acting as an ape with a human problem who is seeking revenge. You are acting intellectually and with the grace of divine authority.
Also remember you summon angelic emissaries to work with and guide the demon.

I wouldn’t worry about any backlash or bad karma. When you do the ritual properly you are above both.


I also recommend a binding. I have used these many times to good effect. There was someone who would either insult me or say nothing at all to me, and after the binding this person became much more agreeable. This person would still take little jabs at me all the time, but the dynamic shifted so there was more just him talking about himself and less attacking me, which was very surprising that that actually happened. Others lost the will to oppose me. One I recall I just wanted off my back as he was a harassing little nuisance, and the other needed some assistance in seeing the wisdom of aligning with me and my ways for mutual benefit. Bindings are not about causing harm.

If someone is attacking you, though, then I imagine you will be able to find demons within that book who can bring about the conditions which will remove this threat to you.

The only way the energy will backfire is if you find yourself becoming belligerent and are always reaching for your weapons. That has nothing to do with the magick, however, and everything to do with you. If you are around people who constantly are wielding theirs against you, though, then I suppose that is understandable.


Appreciate the comment also
How would I word a binding request

For example would I just say something along the lines of this? I’m using a made up name btw

I bind jake blue and his family from conspiring against me and slandering my name?

Is that the proper way to approach the ritual?

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“I bind Jake”

Then after you state this then you go into detail with the demon (if you’re doing evocation) if you’re just doing the petition then you’re original phrase was perfect.

Just find a demon with the power to bind I’m sure there’s one in the book


Thanks I’m probably gonna use belial

Also not pester you with so many questions but

Would gradually binding them with different demons be effective too

So first week I use belial

Than second I use bael

Than 3rd I use paimon

These aren’t the exact time frames I thinking of using but just the method is general would it be counter productive or no?

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Did you read the book or the powers associated with Belial?
He’s not the demon to use for this.

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I read the book but I was under the assumption that these are just small insights into what the spirit specialize in but the spirits are still capable of other actions

But I understand if your saying belial isn’t the best spirit to use for binding

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But would using multiple spirits to bind them be good or nah?

I would use the demon with the specific power to bind. You’ll have to look through the book but it’ll be much more powerful that way.

If you use the proper demon that’s all you’ll need trust the one demon and the 4 angels


In situations like this, it is usually best to target both the significant individuals and the group as a whole in their own rituals. I don’t remember how the book suggests wording your requests, but something like “[Name] was unable to harm me,” and, “[Group] was unable to harm me” would be a good approach.

You do not need to repeat this. Do the binding and let that work. If you are trying to scheme and manipulate this person or group, then I would do other rituals with other demons after this. If you can tell your binding is having an effect, but it seems that there is still resistance or aggression against you, then subsequent rituals to confuse, weaken, persuade, whatever you need to happen, do those rituals and let them influence the situation as it unfolds.

Be wary of giving in to paranoia or letting your fears get the best of you. If you have an enemy who is attacking you, and then they stop attacking you, there is no need for further magick. It is done. Accept that the demons have brought you peace and move on with your life.

I do not know your situation, but if there is someone suing you, then this sort of patient and comprehensive approach can work well. I have seen magick render people unconscious, instantly. Sleeping, but immediately taken out of the situation. I have seen magick cause people to behave in ways that they never, not in a million years, ever fuckin ever would have behaved otherwise. This is not just a way of organizing your thinking and enabling you to be a dark machiavellian manipulator.

If you want revenge, there are demons who are very, very willing to assist you with this, to whatever extent it is that you want. Something I always ask myself though, before putting myself into the situation to have many curses and manipulation magick to perform, is would I rather be doing money magick? Would I rather be doing artistic inspiration magick? Do I want to spend my time dwelling in hatred and fear? Would I rather be rid of enemies and instead spend my time on friends? I am not judging you either way. I have certainly cast my fair share of revenge spells and curses for the fuckin fun of it, and chosen to spend my time amongst those who were actively hostile towards me. How you live your life and the decisions that you make is up to you.

Not to imply that you should be a doormat, though. If someone tries to take from me or mine, and negotiation and conflict resolution do not work, and it is not feasible for me to just remove myself from the situation, all bets are off. I dislike war. It is expensive, time-consuming, isolating, and painful, and all too often it bleeds out onto those you care about. But not everyone shares this belief.

I most definitely understand the need to toughen up after a life under oppression, but where you put your attention is what you cultivate. Do you want to cultivate something which you want to destroy, or do you want to cultivate something which you want to solidify and make stronger? There is no right or wrong here, no good or evil, only choice and the natural consequences of the actions that you do and do not take.

It has been said that the wise warrior spends more time in the calm of meditation, than in the fury of battle. Even the wisest of fighters may forget that arms are not always required. I like to know that my friends have weapons and are capable with them, but there is nothing more miserable than betrayal. Wielding them in training and play is so much fun, but there is no joy when they are needed.

Perhaps there is no joy for you anyways, and you are surrounded by enemies. In that case, you should be aware that the demons come readily when they are called and execute what is asked of them efficiently, without hesitation, and without play.