Need Advice For a Future Goal

I am only starting on my path, so I know I may be out of my depth in pursuing the goal I’m going to share with you all. I would really appreciate it if anyone with knowledge or skills appropriate to my goal could point out the proper framework and/or entities to work my way up to, or even offer their services in a PM.

I deeply want the means to destroy someone’s charisma and credibility. I only want this because the target in question uses his to give false teachings and religiously abuse people. The people who have already fallen for it and have no will to pull themselves out, I don’t particularly care about, but I do care about their kids, and those kids’ futures.

This person was once my childhood pastor, and he used religion to abuse my family. He made them sick. He made them afraid. He made them sad. He isolated them from any outside help. He told them they were cursed by God, attempted to divide family blood against itself, and ceremonially cut their names off of lists at the pulpit with a sword, etc. He was also out of his gourd. I could give all the examples, but it would take up too much space, and I’ve already been long-winded enough as it is.

I don’t want him to continue to be able to draw any new people in with his charisma. I also don’t want anymore kids to be scarred and beaten down by this, like I was. If I succeed with this one, I may even target others who have become guilty of religious abuse (another place nearby has been in the news lately for engaging in a form of slavery and child theft. They need to lose their ability to draw people in too.)

Thank you in advance for any help and/or ideas you can give.


If you look in the document below using search you may find spirits who can assist:


I recommend summoning Agares, he can destroy the dignity and worth of another both spiritual and temporal, and can cause earthquakes, a metaphor for the amount of havoc he can bring, and by your post this is a cockroach that Agares would be more then happy crushing beneath his heel.002-Seal-of-Agares-q100-500x497


@charles9 Knows what’s up. Agares is one of my closest friends of the Infernal and when working with Paimon or Belial, they are truly a force to be reckoned with.


Agreed Agares is the direction to turn to expose the wrongs you mention.


Thank you for your replies. It sounds like Agares is an entity that I should get to know and pursue a rapport with.

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