Need a pro Scanner

So, no one’s ever scanned me properly. I’d like to see this skill in action. Anyone?

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Scan? As in your energy body for blockages? Or do you mean a reading for your traits?

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Can i second that? Ive asked multiple times and nobody is able to get to me. Also can i try giving you a trait reading?

Op are you asking for a full body scan via the internet?


Or do you mean mind reading or energy reading. If you refering to the power sensing threads most use scrying divination to various depths that the one reading can reach whoch gives them an imprint of the energies around you as they perceive them. Now if you work with a system that involves forces or entities now alot of people work with or familar with the mind will draw on similarities and parallels that they can interpret.

Same with tarot if gives you a symbolic snap shot of the energies in a person or situation.

Also @Atinama out of curiosity did you inform these people of the inaccuracy and degree of inaccuacy so they can work on improving?

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damn I guess i forgot to take off my invisibility cloak

Question was aimed at the op, edited post to clarify. :man_facepalming: apologies for the confusion.

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general scan, basic reading? thanks

i just want to see if anybody can do it,

Youre energy is kina hard to pick up on. I sense you have somewhat of an internal struggle that isnt holding you back, just kinda there. I kinda imagine a highway in the desert with storm clouds and sun, and an entity walking along the highway. I sense courage and some impatience, you are comfortable where you are in life but wouldnt mind trying a few things here and there to gain and give. I also sense an entity inside your torso that is apart of you, co creating and manifesting new oppurtunities that are soon to come. I tried my best, i still feel like it is only partially true. Youre kinda hard to read compared to some ive scanned, Can you maybe give me one?

Are you refering to body scanning like what is offered here

Or a basic divination reading. :alien: also if divination what are your expections of divination. As you feel all reads on you have been inaccurate you have some expectations in this.

I think he talking about the power sensing/scanning thread

I don’t scan unless I have source material and a position lock on you. I would need you to message me your town, and first and last name. As far as what you gave me, I didn’t resonate with any of it. Sorry man.

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Its alright, I think you are well protected that might be why nobody can really reach you lol

That’s not true at all though. My main potent force is how open and honest I am, how unrestricted my speech is. I lay it all out in thee open.

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The real reason I made this thread is to see some actual proof of scan work because I don’t believe many people can actually do such work on a whim. I’m sure it’s possible, but everyone is always like, scan me and you’ll see… and im like, doesn’t work like that bruh.

I’m optimistic about it though. I think someone will see what I’ve got glaringly obviously out in the open.

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This sounds like a difference in how you see yourself versus how your energies are percived when viewed.


I think its possible, as long as you are in tact with the astrals and you can connect with the person you want to scan it is easy to sense someones entire being much better than mentally or physically.

Agreed sir