Necronomicon Spellbook Results

Some one requested that I write a post talking about the Necronomicon spell book and my results. First off I bought the book on amazon but there are online pdf’s, I don’t know if they are specifically legal but If you intend to use it quite a bit then you should just buy the book for 8 dollars.

I have found repeated success with a specific spirit though I’ve used quite a few different ones. Any way the spirits in this book are real to me they get things done and make things happen but be careful that you have some sort of way to manifest what your trying to make happen because things can be a bit unpredictable if not. Be SPECIFIC with your task for them. The first time I used it was 2 days after I filled out a job application. I needed a job pretty badly and money was very tight to the point i was going to try to apply for food-stamps after this ritual 5 days later I was called in for an interview and got the job the same day. Though there was some hold up before I could start the job everything worked out in the end and I lit a tribute candle to the spirit that helped me.

The next time I used a few spirits at once I was desperate for money and it took about two months to work. It manifested 5,000 dollars for me and I was also supposed to get a car valued at 9,000 but that didn’t happen. However this was a result of a death in my family because I wanted money so badly I didn’t stop to think about how it was going to get to me that was the easiest way for it to get to me. So beware and don’t use these spirits and an easy way to avoid hard work. How ever using the spirits to help you to get better jobs or promotions or anything that will involve work on your end will most likely work out positively.

I recommend using the 4th spirit in the book. He’s one of my favorites.


Yes barashakushu is a great spirit indeed…

I recently also posted about my success using him … Here -

Put in the search engine: HappyKannibal or Necronomicon, he’s actually walked the gates and such, great info!

On my behalf, I cannot recommend any spirit yet as I haven’t worked fully with them, but I can vouch for the Mountains of Masshu conjuration. Helped me stop a storm in its tracks, just began reciting it against the incoming rain and it was gone in 15 minutes.


Thanks very much for the info , it is really very helpful .

Ah! I see many more magicians are warming up to Necronomicon Spirits.
I prefer them over many otyhers.
Yes, it helps to be specific in approaching them, as they help better in that way.
Barashakushu has become my own adopted mentor, and he too seems to have adopted me right back. I go to him for every problem I have that is within his line of work, and he usually responds immediately; he’s the best of all of them.
But the other should not be misregarded. Azs long as a job is within any of them’s abilities, they’ll help immediately. It is only when the evoker does not know well what he wants that it is not recommended to waste their time.


Thats got me wondering what else the Mountains of Masshu conjuration could be used for. I am working on getting a friend back into my life I wonder if this conjuration could be used to remove hatred or ignorance from the person in some way? * correction on my previous statement, I just read the conjuration lol I forgot it is a curse against ones enemies, probably more useful if I used it to remove people who would seek to stand in my way in getting my friend back or destroy any other enemy entirely

Jinj0mafia, by all means, use it like that. It is a general call for what those ancient priests believed were the source of powerful, if not all, sorcery. It serves as a primal source you can tap in and shape it to your ends, regardless of the destructive nature of the words. Intent is key, so drone the night away conjuring and thinking it falls like a hammer of justice - and so it shall be!

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I did and I added a name of somebody I wished to take down and suddenly I just feel this immense power over the person and the weather got real bad today too, seems to be a sign, Im going to go through and open all the gates to the gods in the Necronomicon this coming week, I had Enki in my life for awhile and for a few years my life seemed to work out really well, I think it is time to renew that dedication

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I can absolutely confirm that the Necronomicon DEFINITELY works - although, the way I interpreted it, was that it works with a terrible ‘monkeys-paw-type’ twist each time. Although after reading OP’s take on it, I think it may possibly be more accurate to say that it just manifests in whatever way it possibly can, and if there’s no obvious way for the results to flow it will find any passage to seep through. Kind of like if you filled up an airtight container with water, didn’t put any hole for the water to flow out, but just kept pouring more and more water in it, what would happen eventually is part of it would burst for the water to be able to escape.
The Nec Spellbook has worked for me twice and was actually the first magical success I ever had in my life when I was very young.
My parents had barred me from their home for 8 months and NOTHING I tried was making them let me come back. They had even acquired a court order saying I couldn’t come back (It was NOTHING I had done wrong, my mum literally just didn’t want me there and my dad was just so manipulated by her all his life) anyway, after an explosive conversation on the phone with my mum where I begged her to let me come home and she just relentlessly insisted she wouldn’t, I begged Zisi with all my heart and soul to get her to let me come home.
Just days later, my neighbours broke into my apartment, best me up, smashed my laptop, the police were called, and at 1am the POLICE themselves told my dad to ‘unofficially’ take me home (the actual policeman said that - despite knowing there was a court order saying I couldn’t!)

The second time I was down on my luck and asked another if the nec spirits for £10,000. I then got lots of work as an escort and nearly had a nervous breakdown with all the work I was doing… but I must have made about £10,000.
I would agree with OPs advice to be specific as to how you want the results to manifest and make sure there is a way for them to manifest! This may hopefully avoid the twists that I have encountered both times.