Necromantic Sorcery Sold Out

I recently went to the Necromantic sorcery page attempting to get a copy of the book. And I find that is sold out. Does anyone know how to get a copy of the book now? Is there a PDF form anywhere?

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I know im a bit late, but I just NEED to read it!!!

It comes up on eBay for rather inflated prices, but it’s not been released as an e-book through BALG (word to the wise - PDF begging as in, asking for pirated copies, and exchanging pirated material, is prohibited on here) - what specific work did you want to do in the line of necromancy, maybe someone here can give you some tips while you keep an eye out for the book?

My apologies for asking for a PDF form. I would like to know the rituals discussed in the book about invoking death. And I would like to know about death essence manipulation.

It would be interesting if a course in necromancy were to be made cause it is pretty well impossible to find Dantes book unless you have a boat load of cash i found one for almost 5000 bucks, or at least make a pdf e book it is to good of information to left unread or left unexplored.

I almost got my hands on that book but then a "Friend’ of mine told me that it is too dangerous and almost killed Dante, I shouldn’t buy it people are burning it because of its Unstable rites.
He really fucked my mind up! And I let it go…

Carnal wispers by sommnus dreadwood is good to to learn necromancy as well as for Dantes book the effects of the ritual could differ depending on the person the book is far to valuebul to be burned pluse that book is infused with the essence of Akasa as well as azrael it would be extremely suicidal to burn that book without paying a server price for such an action as burning the book jus a heads up.

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I was so sad i couldnt get this book

Anyways sorceress cagliastro deos some good necromantic books

I agree I just finished charnel whispers and it is a much better book on the subject. It gives steps that are good for the beginner without saying “oh by the way if you want to use this book accept that someone close to you will die”. While I still want N. S. as I am a collector of occult texts. It is a shame that the above mentioned is a absolute to work in it making the nearly $2.500 price tag not really worth it. Again get charnel whispers its $20+ and well worth it. Here is a link to a chat on the subject of different Necromancy books.
I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I read somnuses works im a very big fan of his works but im looking for necromantic knowlege of all types there are 100s of hells in this realms spiritual planes each with there own hellish plains in the hells every hell has a death plane i hold somnuses works close to my heaert and soul but he only has one necromantic path and there are countless necromaantic paths that exist

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Fair point.

I would like help discovering more things in necromancy if your willing cause necromancy is done better in groups

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Not to mention when under attack by spirit numbers nake the difference

The title is now available on Amazon for 27$


Thank you for this info. I just bought a copy and I’ll try and review it and see if it’s worth it or just a shitty printing of the PDF. Again thank you.