Nature vs Nurture vs Choice

Basic Question to cut through my usual paragraphs of context: Are some people just evil by nature? If so, can aura reading aid in determining who can or can’t be trusted?

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Yes some people are just evil by nature. Being able to see auras and interpret them and other psychic information can tell you pretty everything about a person even their current thoughts and recent memories if intense enough. You could also just train your mind to use a pendulum or pick up something like Tarot or Runes and attune those.

little bit of column A and column B when we die and reincarnate we are still going to be ourselves. You should learn about who someone use to be to help determine what actions they may take and who they can become. All of us are evil some more than others, all of us have a pattern that we follow in every lifetime but not everyone is predictable.

I don’t believe so. I guess it depends on your definition of evil. Evil to me is a thing or person who’s goals conflict with my primary goals of wellbeing and success, in a way that is not driven by necessity for thier wellbeing.

So, for example someone who kills me for the fun of it, didn’t need to do that and that’s evil, or count be, but what if he’s insane because of childhood abuse? Then I think he’s not evil he’s insane.
But someone who kills me by accident is not evil. Sometime who kills me on purpose because someone else would kill his child if he didn’t, it’s not evil either. Acts are not evil, motivation and intent can be.

I believe at some level, as you go up the levels of being that is, you teach a point where we are all one, and we just are. So we are not intently all evil all the time, no.

However the point of having all these separate consciences, imo, is to experience. If we are how the universe experiences itself, then some of us will do things that are counter the goals of others and it’s all part of experience.

I think evil is very rare, 99.9% are not evil, mostly stupid or hurting. But it’s possible.


A 6 year old shot a teacher. Apparently, this child was known for throwing furniture around. He even sent said teacher a note saying he hated her and wanted to kill her. His parents claimed it was a disability (which it might be), but as someone who has one of his own, I think that’s a poor excuse.

little bit of A and B

Yes. Just as there are real demons, aka malicious spirits who have no other purpose than hurting and tormenting, there are also malicious humans. After all, we are basically just spirits ourselves, riding around in a bone vehicle wrapped in meat clothes and powered by electricity, so it stands to reason that if there are evil entities, there are evil people.

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I pray that when my books come out you guys dont try to lock me up in an insane asylum. or try to throw holy water on or spike my food with it I’m not jokeing i am by no stretch of the word pure heated.