Natural flow of prana and predators

Vampires and succubus, there is narrually abundsnt flow of life energy, why is there a need for being a predidator and hunt it down, are chakras different for such beings ?

There really isn’t. :joy:

Human energy is relatively feeble and imbalanced. When you can cultivate from the cosmos, which 99.9 percent can, it’s like standing next to a clean waterfall, and going “oh, I’m a ‘predator’, so I’ll just drink out of this dirty puddle created by the spray: it’s ok I can filter it”.

Unless, you’re one of those unfortunate people like Michele Belanger (excellent, no bs books), who have energy systems that cannot convert cosmic qi into human qi, then taking human energy is the only way to stay alive. This makes them parasites though, not predators.

Everybody else is piggybacking on the sheer romance of “sexy vampires” created in the Victorian era and perpetuated by movies and is pretty much a poser imo.

There’s a use for baneful energy working, but the last thing you want to do is take in human qi, that’s seriously gross. This is my general opinion, and I’ve yet to find any reason to change it. :person_shrugging: