Native American Magic

I don’t particularly want to get into the details, but as I have a Native American practitioner working against me and have for several months now, I am wondering if there is any legitimate sources I can get more information on the subject from, so that I know what I am up against so to speak. She is Blackfoot if that helps any.

I have tried searching many times, but it seems to be pretty hush hush as with most tribes. I did a mirror box and freezer spells which has pretty much eliminated the effects on me, however she is still harming someone close to her that is very dear to me.



The Bear totem animal is good for magickal protection especially if she’s sending spirits after you.


Thank you, that may help in some way for sure.

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Blackfoots are peoples with really badass plains medicine. There’s almost no countermanding this kind of stuff head on if it’s done right. Your best bet I think is invoking the powers that have been sicced on you and trying to arrange some kind of truce with them directly. Especially if you can show the spirits that they’re being co-opted into a doing of injustice your chances are good of bringing the spells against you to a halt.


I had the thought that perhaps I should appealed to my loved ones ancestor spirits… as they are hers as well. So this makes sense in conjunction.

Thank you :slight_smile: