Mirror box question

Can you make a mirror box with foil or other reflective material? Have you, was it effective?

I just got up to pee and I’m going back to sleep but seems like some noob assed user named @Keteriya has recommended doing this a few times and talked about how it turned out with near results usually the next day, once or twice too.

You can find these posts by hitting the search option in the top right corner of the page (magnifying glass) then Hitting options and typing mirrorbox in the top bar on the new page, and keteriya In The by user, without the @ symbol.

Try mirror box and mirrorbox cuz my phone auto corrects shit.


Yup, and yes it is effective.

if you want to go the hard way, I recommend knowing someone who is well versed in welding and make a box with metal sheeting. I am sure you can glue pieces of highly polished metal into the internal walls of a wooden box as well. But honestly, the aluminum lined cardboard box is an efficient way to contain objects while not breaking the bank.


Thanks all!

:rofl: lol @ noob ass. :rofl::rofl:

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You could buy a glass cutting tool for $10 off the internet and buy a cheap mirror. It’s trickier than lining a box with reflective foil, there definitely is a technique to cutting glass, but it’s perfectly reflective. Just make sure that you account for the thickness of the mirror when you’re making your measurements or your mirror pieces won’t fit inside the box.

Oh, and watch the sharp edges after you cut it, might want to get some good fine-grit sandpaper and knock them down before you assemble it, and wear protective gloves.

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I got nosey because I had 0 idea what a mirror box is and I like to cross-reference stuff anyway (call me the web-weaver of cross-references).

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Great points. Whole not as pretty, one could also buy craft mirror squares that can be glued inside a wooden box as well. But the glass cutting tool would be helpful for any cuts to help fill in any gaps. Sandpaper or cut gloves would definitely be a must. I work in a mirror factory and have seen some nasty cuts from glass that was not ground around the edges.

Lol that wasn’t even the one I meant, I actually meant in replies where I’ve talked about using foil, a cardboard box, creating a clay poppet and getting results right away :joy::woman_shrugging:t3::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Somewhere here I’ve mentioned getting results the very next day. I’ll hunt it up.

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Here they are @Momo In case you didn’t find them and @SagaMysterium these are the ones I meant. There might be a reference in my path working Current Past life journal to, as I’ve mentioned the most recent circumstances I’ve used it, but meh, lots to dig around in there for it lmao.

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Ah! Sorry, fam.

(Tbh, I was interested for some selfish reasons and I sure didn’t see these. Sometimes search giveth, and search taketh away. Thanks for sharing! :heart::heart:)

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