Narcissists being protected?

Income for food, transportation, food it’s self, place of employment (working his employer could cause a change of mind on his employment perhaps). The word resource has many facets.

Yes - key is to finding the things YOU control that affect them and why they are involved with you or preventing a full cut off from you.

Then se those to manipulate back, or annoy them to the point they go away.

For those with Ex’s, things like maintenance payment dates changing, collecting and dropping off the kids different times, unexpected holidays etc. all annoy the narcissist

Frozen water jar bind perhaps??

I posted a spell on the forum for narcissists, it’s called effectively cursing a narcissist. Use the search function. I got satisfactory results from it, and so did a friend of mine. I created it with a narcissist in mind, but it can be used on any other ass clown.

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I’ve been surrounded by NPD all my life - starting with my narcissistic mother and then going onto different relationships with NPD partners. They were all textbook…
My observations are that they only care about their bodies. That’s where you can really strike. As Sam Vaknin says, there IS NO soul, no person in a narc. It’s not about SOMEONE being defective. It is about nobody being in there. So how do you fight emptiness? You don’t - you just attack the shell, the body, the trinkets and the puppets.

Can you elaborate on that please? My narcissistic mother is hard to deal with spell wise. I’m aware she cares a lot about appearance but idk how to attack that.

In my days of dealing with so many people in sorts like this personally and friends dealing with it, the only way we found that worked itself out to keeping these people at bay is to focus on bringing someone else into their life to halt your pain they give you, or bind them to not bothering you
metal - physical - emotional and verbally.