Name your favorite occult sites

         BECOME A LIVING GOD is a great occult
  site. What other occult sites are the best in 
  Your opinion?   I like,
         1. THE 600 CLUB
         2. OCCULTFORUMS

Evocation was my go to now its BALG, I personally don’t have time for any others not to mention the ppl here are fanfuckingstastic.

I second Alkaloid on this. Evocationmagick used to be the shit, lots of experienced practioners used to post there. Now it’s not what it was…not even close. Nothing against newbies but that was a site for experienced practioners.

If you want to learn a great deal read the old threads and you will get a wealth of information. They have a lot of different subforums that can help you get sorted out when your getting started.

Aside from EM and BALG no other occult/magick forum has held my interest or impressed me.

In french only (sorry) but maybe some of you can read it:

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THE website that draw me to magick… oh my… it was 12 years ago and still this website exist!

The french CHAOS website. Interesting and full of humour.

I’m with Alkaloid here too. It is home and where my magickal family live.

Definetly Ryan, we have a great group of people here many of which are great sources of information and are always willing to help out. I enjoy that we’re all more or less all on the same journey.

The respect factor here is a major plus for meand everyone is more or less supportive and the flaming/trolling is kept to a minimum. I’m also grateful that we don’t have a ton of egomaniacs stroking their e-dick on here acting like the Grand Poobah of Magickdom.

I’m also so glad we don’t get a bunch of crazies in here like Samuel or whatever his name was. Evocation magic is polluted with that shit anymore. While I do find it hilarious when some nut job starts spouting off about how rape whistles are made with an intentional factory defect that attracts more rapist or how God told him that the only reason we age is because we eat birthday cake which is secretly treated with age inducing frosting it adds nothing to the quality of the forum.

I agree, we rly do have some of the best people you could ask for and we really do have a family feel here. I hope as we continue to grow the quality of people stays on par with what we have currently.

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“Evocation was my go to now its BALG, I personally don’t have time for any others not to mention the ppl here are fanfuckingstastic.”

Fo Shizzle Alka!!! I started out on Evo, but the whole "feel’ of their members was like “Uhhmmmm this forum really isn’t for beginners…”. Fuck you bro, I’m not in grade school. Plus, it’s been my experience from BALG that I’ve been able to share freely & openly in the skills I am advanced in and vice-versa with other members!

Who the fuck wants elitism? For me it’s BALG &

Word to your demon!


I understand your views Mode but I can see where they are coming from as well. They presented themselves first and foremost as a site not for beginners. If your ready to tackle evocation questions that could be easily answered by reading any beginner book on magick should not be getting asked. I’d rather see a new magician bieng told to go back and hit the books and practice his fundamentals than see that same magician post about how he chose Flauros as his first evocation and now shit is all fucked up and he wants help that he’s not up to the task of doing because he never learned to banish properly or cast a proper circle.

BALG is geared for mages of all skill levels and has a subforums just for new magicians which is a great thing. They can come and ask and learn, they can get advise on different techniques and they have a good template for steady growth by following the course outlines and working through the exercises in E.A.'s books.

If I went to a forum for pro racers and said “Hey guys, I’m sooo all about racing, can you give me any tips on learning how to work a clutch? I’ve never driven a manual transmission before.” I’d likely not receive the warmest of welcomes because I hadn’t put forth the effort for even the most basic of skills in the area of driving a race car.

I understand your point TWF,

But my feeling is we are in a cycle of time where an ever expanding era of true knowledge can be ushered in…NOW! And there isn’t ANYTHING like BALG out there. There isn’t anything out there for beginners.

Without the neophyte there is no Art…no Magick. Believe me, I get it, my experience wasn’t that pleasant with evo…that’s all. i have the stack of books, I’ve done my “studying”, i’ve been on this Path for 25yrs…it’s not until recently that magick (last 4 yrs) appeared as my missing piece.

Now, if someone asked me about Buddhist Meditation techniques which I’m a pretty advanced practitioner, where does one start? It’s a profound and deep area of study and application: their is an understanding of what is called "view’, applications, techniques…I can go on and on. If someone asked me where to actually start…I would openly share my experience with them. And I have even in this forum.

Here are the books that i’ve started with. Here is the techniques I use and why. here is my practice schedule. I spent decades on my meditation path. Magick is the same. It’s a huge area of study and practice…

…Just think back to when YOU all began? How long did it take until someone reached back to YOU when YOU were reaching, struggling, in doubt?

My feeling is, if the practitioner/neophyte/magus what ever you want to label it as, has #1. Found the forum/Ashram/Temple etc., their in the right place. #2. If the initiate is asking questions what better way for me to sharpen my skills then to assist? BTW, states that they are the “Forum Dedicated to Enochian and Magickal Evocation”.

It doesn’t say “Forum Dedicated to Enochian and Magickal Evocation For The Advanced Practitioner”…it is NOT clearly stated that Evo is for more advanced people…this has been my experience that’s all. I had to find that out the hard way. On these forums as in my own personal life, I’m ppretty open man. AS I’ve learned in Buddhism…theiir are NO SECRETS. The practitioners that can grasp what is being said, and read between the lines, and that have applied their understanding are the ones that advance. If one can not even intellectually understand…what is their to be afraid of? I’ve found a home here @ BALG and that’s for me. Maybe someday I’ll go back to Evo…I don’t know.

For me, I just find that the sharing of knowledge is more accessible here.

I agree with you 100% Mode. What I meant about them being an advanced board is that both evocation and Enochian are not magickal practices to be taken lightly. Not implying you would but many come there with zero knowledge of theory or practice of any magickal paradigm and want to start evoking. Just because you may be new to evocation doesn’t mean your new to magick. I’ll be performing my first evocation in just a few days, but I’ve put in a lot of time studying, meditating, contemplating and researching everything I can on the subject and now feel I’m prepared. That’s not counting the info I’ve gleaned since starting my magickal exploration back in 2011. I took a lot of time making sure I had a good grasp on what this art entailed before ever lighting a candle or making a sigil.

I try to be as helpful as possible when dealing with people new to magick, I think it’s a shame when people act as elitist and want to keep their knowledge from those new to it. Having said that I have little patience for spell beggars and those too lazy to put even a few hours of research to gain some insight into magick. I wouldn’t give advice to someone new to magick on how to jump right into Enochian or the Necronomicon or evocation of any spirit until they had the basics down first, not because I don’t think they deserve the information but because they need to walk before they run. Magick is a big part of my life, sometimes I wonder if its too much of a part. It’s a passion and an addiction for me and I take it serious. That’s why when someone like you, who shows their putting in the work and are as excited and passionate about it as I was starting out needs advice or help I’m happy to do so.

Dear TWF,

I’d like publicly say that it was NOT my intention to come off like a total ASSHOLE in my last post. I just re-read it and I could’ve worded my post with more tact than emotion. Funny thing, because I’ve been up very late the last several nights doing Sigil Magick (as you know), and last night was no exception!

I get it man. And what you posted last was really more on point with where my intention is. You can’t run before you can walk, you MUST get the fundamentals done what ever your path, and yes revealing the intricacies of Enochian Magick or Jhanic Absorption or whatever…is just a waste of everybody’s time if introduced too soon.

I apologize my friend. I was more sleep deprived last night than I had a mind of discernment.

No worries!!!

No problem man, I didn’t get any bad vibes from your post so all is good. I agree with all you said and I wasn’t trying to come off all preachy and holier than thou. Just a good discussion which is what I enjoy. Everybody has something to offer that can benefit someone else and that shouldn’t be overlooked. I’ve been trying to get into yoga for a while so when I finally get into practice you’ll likely be one of the first I ask for pointers.

[url=][/url] - I’ve pay the modest monthly subscription fee. The podcasts have improved with age and it’s opened my eyes to some practitioners I’ve never heard of especially the likes of Josephine McCarthy.

[url=][/url] - same as above but free to listen to online.

[url=][/url] - the site of Mark Alan Smith - proper witchcraft not the new age crap. I thoroughly recommend his books albeit the first two are now out of print (Queen of Hell, The Red King).

I used to go to evocation magic and astral dynamics forums. But there were things about both of those that kind of annoyed me. In the case of evocation magic, alot of the people there tend to put themselves in boxes of what is and isn’t posible. For example alot of the people there will say it isn’t possible to do extreme magic like shapeshifting. Astral dynamics had another problem in that alot of the people there seem to discriminate against the darker side of the occult without really knowing anything about it. I remember when I mentioned the first time I learned some stuff from a demon alot of them were like “but that’s really dangerous!”. Or in a more extreme case alot of them won’t believe in reptilian entities just because there is alot of fear surrounding the mythos of that being. But thats just ignorant and irresponsible, its like pretending a man with a gun in the room isn’t there because guns are scary. Moreover you don’t know anything about that man with a gun, he could be an enemy but he could also be a valuable allie. Of course thats not to say there aren’t people on the darker side of things who discriminate against the light side in a similar way, but the people here I find are usually more practical about things.

Necroposting… - Josephine McCarthy’s teaching site
The Knowledge Library of The Death God on yt - Micah’s new necromancy channel - paranormal forum, not soley magick, plenty of skeptics but interesting infoall the same
Glitch Bottle on yt - Occult author interviews - information about the meanings of the runes
Arith Härger on yt - Norse magick - Also has occult podcasts
COAST TO COAST AM OFFICIAL on yt - fringe/psychic podcasts, includes Art Bell archived interviews - 2nd hand occult books - podcast network includes occult - ascension focused kinda new age - Robert Bruce’s forum - old site with a free Higher Self meditation to release old bindings and contracts
Atlantean Gardens / Robert Sepehr on yt - Robert Sephyr’s channel on myth and anthropology - fringe, disclosure, occult and esoteric interviews
Eye of the Star on yt - occult education
Thomas Sheridan on yt - occult author and the occult in current affairs

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