Name that sigil

Does anyone know what this “sigil” is? Or is it just Graffiti

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Maybe its a linking sigil? Maybe the eyes are for the person who did it to get energy from this place or to see whats there? Idk, look like a sigil tho


Yeah I pulled up to it going to the store and thought
"Hmmmm curious" thought the forum would know something about it.

Maybe its just graffiti that looks like a sigil? :thinking:


looks like a human face to me forehead eyes nose and paint to the top right as hair ,but the nose I ve seen it somewhere its a letter or word I cant remember iv seen it before

Haha. I use the cursive L. Maybe someone is calling me! XD

Edit: out of curiousity, where was this photo taken?

Weed CA

It’s hobo code. Means safe camp.

The only thing that throws me off is the L at the bottom. Probably means turn left, or to the left.


Oh that’s interesting. Never would’ve guessed.

Flip it n reverse it?
Archangel Raguel, also identified with Ariel.

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