Namaskar Posture

In Hinduism when infront of diety we usually keep this namaskar posture .
Why dont in another religion ppl keep it
Should we do it demonic stuff for egs chanting entity enns?
Its considered devotional and love affection towards… posture maybe thats why we do it so much

I had to look this up but it looks like the yoga Sun Salutation?

They have their own ways of doing things…

Why doesn’t Hinduism use Christian postures like the folded hands and bowed head? Why don’t you wrap yourselves with the Tefillin to bind the mind and emotions to God and marry you head and heart in love to the divine?

Does it mean Hindu’s don’t love the divine because they display it in a different way?

Same thing. I think if you are interested in other religions, study the religions for their own sake. Otherwise it doesn’t matter to you what they do. You do you.

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