Not that I’ve honestly noticed. No.

Very physical. Very fast to manifest results. Very sexual. Very sexual again.

The Naamah Invocation has been tried and tested by me. It works. No worries. Keep at it. The more you rehearse, then deliver, the swifter the results. When you’re having a quiet moment, scream it silently to the multiverse. At the four cardinal directions is traditional and for some reason, but let technicalities top you - just get it out there, so to speak.

After the evocation, state your need and what you’re prepared to give to receive that need answered. Don’t want the world and offer piss-weak things. Naamah is beautifully seductive and powerful. Treat Her with respect!



So uhh does she have a sigil if one just wants to maybe talk and become friends♥️♥️


Use the magnifying glass top right :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I must not have looked hard enough :sweat_smile:






No Seal that I’m aware of.



I just tried working with Naamah using her sigils and what you described in order to help me feel more sexy and empowered after rejection. Uhm… Im not sure if it was her doing, but some MAJOR stuff happened today. First I had a vision of Satan doing me from behind with his huge black c… I could not get out of bed. In a good way. Second, a past lover randomly contacted me tonight. He came over. It was amazing. I have so much energy now. Is this Naamah at work? Or… ?

Btw as im writing this, my tarot app sent my card of the day. The devil! It looks like Satan is waving at me like “it was good for me too, babe.” LOL

What can i ask her to do for me? I would rather find a soul mate than be super sexual wanting to f a bunch of people. Can she help with finding a true love? Or is her strength just sexual energy, a key component, but not all…


Or what?
What are the coincidences of all of that just happening?

She’s great with love and wealth. What more do you need?

Her thing is lust: dirty, filthy, wonderful. The love bit is really up to you.



O! And thanks for actually doing some Magick and reporting on it.
There’s material on these boards about Naamah. Someone posted just the other day and it wasn’t me.



Naamah: Powerful, Elegant Sluttiness!



Wow, i’m glad you had some fun out of this!


Hey i want know about demon goddess naamah more
Ok it’s funny, last night i dream about them! In my dream, two naked extremely beautiful women come to me! They fight each other to have sex with me, the younger lady say “cmon fc with me, i will give you pleasure that you never feel before” and the older say “no, with me, cmon hey i’m older than you, me first” the younger say “cmon sist, you are older, me first”

I’m confused, so i leave them, but they fight each other to grab my dick, it’s brutal scene, man!
I dont know who are they! But i keep think about it, and there is sound inside my head
They are lilith and naamah! The older is lilith, and the cute younger is naamah
For lilith, she is like beautiful mature lady, black hair, black eyes, slim body bright skin typical asian
For naamah, she is like teen girl 17’s, cute, brown hair, with plump body, beautiful breast
They are amazing BEAUTIFUL

So i want to ask you some questions
What’s the difference work with lilith and naamah
What’s their element
Maybe earth?
What’s the benefit work with them?
Protection? Dream magick? Sex magick (of course)? Wealth/prosperity maybe?

Anyone have sex with them? Lilith or naamah?
Sorry for my bad english


hi , new here but very interested , :heart_eyes:

could you give an example or two of pledges to namaah if what we desire comes to fruitition ?

sorry for the naive question but a total noob here , @Uncle-Al

thanks in advance


What is Naamah’s nature? Make a pact based upon Her nature.
She’s sexual so you may wish to hand out condoms or lubricate to school kids.
That said, all spiritual entities want to be recognised so you may wish to pledge to spread Her name and fame. You will know when spiritual entities accept your pledge. And don’t fuck yourself by not honouring that pledge. Obviously if you want a million dollars you’ll need to offer more than handing out a few condoms to school kids, etc. Quid pro quo.



@Uncle-Al I thought I had to go through all the ritual and details with the tools mentioned in the book “Qabalah, Qlipoth and Goetic Magic” (where you call one entity at each direction, there’s also another from below and Lucifer from above).

In that book, it was said that Na’amah can open your eyes to see demons, so this is what got me interested in Na’amah. I wonder if anyone has already called her for that purpose, and what are offerings that she likes.


There’s an evocation on these boards that works. I think desert fruits.



Hey @Uncle-Al , could you shoot me a PM? I’d love to ask pick your brains before I proceed with the evocation :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome @Water. Please take a moment to post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.


@Uncle-Al ty for the tip. im drawn to Naamah, i feel there are a lot of aspects her essence could sate within me, been trying to find out as much as i can about her, i feel the anticipation breathing on my skin