The Dark Mother

Welcome to the Thread of the Dark Mother. Here I will place Altars, Rituals, Expereinces, and More all related to the Goddess, Sisterhood, Femine Sorcery, and my weaving with The Qlipoth, Rituals from the Qlipoth, especially in A. Masons guidance and teachings.

Become A Living Goddess.


Invocation to the Dark Mother
By Samhain Satariel

I bath myself in the Moon :crescent_moon: and enter into the water :sweat_drops:. Trusting you will find me here in the portal of your womb. Guide me to the gate of your temple, where ravens cry and smolder flesh vapors cascade on the winds.
Where torches of fire :fire: light the way into the spiraling labyrinth of you, our :owl: winged princess. Hear my call. Mother, Sister, Daughter, Goddess, friend. Hear me through the velvet veils and cemetery earth. I light this lantern in your name, guiding the way to your primal and ancient catacombs. Teach me your way. Weave into me your Webb of knowledge, mystery, and sorcery, Be my reflection in your ever seeing mirror. Where life is death and death is life. Meet me here, in this place. To claim my right as a High Priestess and Center of your Rituals. Crumble the towers of my self created lies. Cast away the shame placed upon me by those who refuse to see your light, cleanse me in the bloods of the willing sacrifice. So that I can me more of me and less of the program spoon fed by heritage and generational flaws. Open the gates, roads, and :door:. Banish the limits that no longer serve. So that I will serve my calling with no hesitation. For you are my reflection, the rath in my eyes, the healing in my hands, the song in my voice. Through you, I the purest vessel. Untamed and unchained by Man and his toxic penetrations. Unchanged and unnoticed by Woman and her toxic, jelous poisons. Here I stand. Naked and Not afraid. I am here! I am Here! I AM HERE!


When you are called. The door is open.
Share your weavings, chants, Altars, and Songs. Questions, poems, ponderings, Spells, Request for guidance. All related to the Dark Mother, Goddes Rites, Female Sorcery, and Path Workings with A. Mason.


Of the Goddess Namaah
Entering the Qlipoth of Lilith
Also known as Malkuth on the other side of tree of Life

The journey into The Qlipoth begins with Lilith. Mason guides and prepares you the best way she can into this current and cycle or events and life altering experiences. Once you enter, the sound of the screech owl πŸ¦‰ is often heard. For you have entered the Temple of the Princess to name a few ways to discribe this Ancient Queen. Her cave is damp and old. The stone speaks, and the whispers never end. There is a smell I can describe. A mixture of musk, dragons blood, sex, blood, fruit, and flesh. My body is naked and covered in Ash. Her Altar is bare before her throne. I lay upon it and she greets me. "Daughter, you are home" ! Tears well and love is felt and dissipates quickly as she stabs the dagger into my heart. Freeing me from my broken heart, dreams, ideals. π‘°π’Žπ’Žπ’†π’…π’Šπ’‚π’•π’†π’

The scene changes. I am in a pool of black water. Where I am joined by my fellow Sisters. Who bathe and adorn me in jewels.

A moon lit path is shown and I know I must go. My new direction. I bow to my sisters. We chant and hug. I am lead back to my body and awake.

A few days later. I create this Sigil and Altar. Ready to meet Naamah. Supply my Apothecary with the needed tools. I perform the rituals and find myself deep in the dream world for several weeks. Needing naps more often. Sleeping longer than usual. Yet I am weaving, learning, sharing, in the womb of the dark mother.


That’s really interesting! Thank you for sharing your work here!


Beautiful photo.


I have to say the initial invocation was well worded and quite poetic. Near the end was thought provoking, regarding the daughter greeting the mother after reviving off the altar. Very cool.


Thank you AM. Your devotion and practice is a blessing for us all who live within the womb of the Dark Mother. Recently I finished a retreat, initiating 4 beautiful daughters into the path of the Goddess. The owl was so present for us. Lilith was with us the e tire time in the shape of a White Owl.
Looking forward to initiations and Rituals with you in the near future. Thank you for writing this book. It is one of my favorites.


Thank you foe being a witness.


I feel this so deeply. Thank you for sharing this. Its helping me do my work. :heart:


I really feel called to namaah

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