She’s sexually hot and works quickly. Most material spiritual entity I’ve ever worked with. My arm hairs just rise right up! Her evocation is on these boards, although there are other evocations. Just remember to learn Her evocation by heart (print and carry with you for ease of reference whilst learning -bit by bit) and deliver it like you’re in a blockbuster movie and this is your chance to become a star - give it everything you’ve fucking got! If you sweat that’s even better!

You keep me informed, OK?



@Uncle-Al “the love bit is up to you”
That is true very. Love is a promise a commitment to love weather for long or short periods of time. Love is commitment of choice to be respectful kind compassion the sexual is what grows from chemicals and pheromones. Many years ago a friend of mine (lost contact over time) when it was time to choose her husband she interviewed and tested them… eventually had two weddings one in Shri Lanka and another in Australia. She said this: " in West you start out hot and cool off in East we start out cold and warm up"
In perspective “looking for love” is is a twisted lost cause created by social conditioning. I am not saying that people meet and feel “love” but I am honing the point that love itself is a choice its a commitment. “I choose to honour myself and care for my needs and pamper myself and provide for my needs”…