Naamah. What about you?


So I’ve worked with Naamah for a very long period of time.
She’s helped me with a lot recently.
I feel very drawn to her and it seems she really enjoys my company.
I just want to hear what everyone else have got from Naamah? What was she like when she appeared to you?
I’d like it very much if some of you who’s worked with her could share you’re experiences with this beautiful being.


She Witch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I honestly haven’t worked with her , so I’m interested in hearing experiences too.


I’m currently in a 90 day pact pathworking with her to help with my ascension through the Qlipothic Tree since she’s the first Qlipha that one counters during their ascension through it. She’s pointed me in ways so far towards areas that help me understand the flow of energy more and how to tap into divination in a unique way that I didn’t think of beforehand.


I adore Naamah, along with the other Demon Queens, they are deities I worship and work with the most. Naamah’s presence and energy is wonderful, she’s taught me how to be confident, playful and flirty. I seen Naamah as a beautiful woman with ivory skin, feline-shaped emerald green eyes that were framed with thick, lush eyelashes and cascades of wavy black hair. :heart::sparkling_heart::purple_heart:

The One Who Crawls Upon The Earth, I praise thee!


I’ve also seen her in that form, and she really did help me out with my confidence, she made me feel so powerful! She makes me feel reckless more than anything, when she’s around I feel like I can conquer the world :heart_eyes:


Interesting! 90 days? Wow! That’s great :heart_eyes: Thank you for sharing that with me!


I know exactly what you mean, reading that message gave me such a big cheshire cat grin!!! Has she ever appeared in your life in any way as a little delicate black spider? Every time one turns up in my home I sense it’s a message from her, they always look the same type of spider too, I greet the tiny thing by saying “Hello Naamah” with a big smile.

Naamah really empowered me, worshipping and working with her makes me feel like a dangerous yet seductive siren and along with Lilith, Agrat and Eisheth, they all made me feel more positive about my past, take pride in it instead of feeling shame.


Namaa empowered me a lot she is beautiful spirit to work with


I agree


I’ve only encountered her in a dream. She was a curvy and stunningly beautiful light skinned black woman, with a large loose afro. She was holding a glass of champagne as she stepped from a historic mansion while a party was going on. She was wearing a tasteful but flirty club type of dress and radiated joy and confidence. There were thousands of other people there, but she was the only one who caught my attention. I think it showed her personality well.


Yes. Yes she has!
I’d love to hear more of her workings with you :heart_eyes: You should pop up to me some time !


That is beautiful :heart_eyes:


back in december i invoked her two times, last time she gave me a stomachache because it seems i´ve asked too many things at once :laughing: (entities don´t like that apparently), as a newbie, i apologized of course

i´m planning to work with her in the near future, i have some personal issues and i want her to help me


Haha she will do that to you :smirk: But I’m sure she was just teaching you to respect her presence a little more :blush: Thanks for sharing! Good luck on that! She’s great to work with :grin:


Never seen Her. Can almost smell Her! Delightful!
Works quickly. Most material goddess I’ve ever worked with.
Me: north-west.

P.s. There’s an evocation somewhere by someone.


She’s only appeared two or three times and all those times with Lilith. She has pale white skin and very long black hair covering her breasts and naked body. Lilith looks very similar but her skin is green and she feels very grounded and earthy with a playful personality. Naamah feels darker, has a harsher voice but has never been anything but helpful.

They have appeared in belly dancing clothes and we’re very supportive of me breastfeeding. They empowered me to feel attractive when I was pregnant when all I felt was fat and gross

I haven’t called on Naamah by herself. I find her intimidating for some reason. I haven’t thought of anything to ask her.