Naamah Thoth Astarte Mephistopheles

I constantly hear the names of these 4 beings in my brain, I don’t know why, but I feel the need to work with them.

Love spells, separation spells etc. I did,The spells worked, but their effects were not permanent, and even worse, the people I had cast a spell on became even more distant from me and completely cut off their ties with me.

The searches I’ve done for days, the work I’ve done, the rituals I’ve spent hours in, all wasted,I had no friends left and became a completely depressed dark person.

I don’t want to be inspired and take a path, I just want to enjoy life and give my own life a better direction,my imagination is not clear but I will do ritual associations and roadworks with each of them every day for 2 months I may add other entities over time.

The Exiled Key
This is the additional resource I will use,I believe this key will add a lot of strength to my work, tomorrow I will have it written down and begin my naamah ritual.