Naamah is the third aspect of Choronzon - WTF does that mean

I call BS marketing triggered but I’m not finding much info on Naamah in this regard and the notion that she is linked to Choronzon is something I desperately seek to verify and understand. I can link the source of this claim or just google the title it is an exact quote.

Can anybody verify this or provide insight?

Sounds like someone else’s UPG. Which means it may or may not be useful for you.

Since Choronzon was discovered by John Dee in the sixteenth century, and Namaah dates back thousands of years to Zoroastrianism, I don’t really see why they’d be related myself.

I’d suggest reading the John Dee stuff directly.


I’m not sure where this idea originated., but Choronzon was first mentioned in the Enochian journals of John Dee and eventually became a central part of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema, representing the embodiment of the Abyss.

The only mention of this that Google brings up is a Facebook post by someone calling himself King_Paimonia, who claims Choronzon is female, and a combination of three different goddesses, someone he calls Seventh, Nyx, and Nammah. It doesn’t seem to be anything based in actual mythology or lore, though.


That was wonderful. Thank you so much for your help. :smiling_face:

Naamah was right, I am not ready to continue on her path.
Work with Baphomet to find order, balance, focus.
I did not expect Crowley to “be the Baphomet”, almost felt like Cara Soror in his letter from Magick Without Tears p71

It was neccessary to expose my addiction. Distraction. Pro-cast-in-at-errr.

theorderofdarkarts served their purpose, most of the info I can find online contradicts what they are selling, it does not resonate with me. Why did I not trust my heart.

Note to self:
“There is a highly popular school of “occultists” which is 99 % an escape-mechanism. The fear of death is one of the bogeys; but far deeper is the root-fear — fear of being alone, of being oneself, of life itself.” - some clever dead guy that is in my head.

Note to future self:
“Choronzon is dispersion. Confusion. Distraction. Aka, lack of unity or cohesion in thought, mind, action and will.”


Note to higher self:
I am coming for you. Eventually.