N.D Blackwood Vampire's book


Do you know if the book of N.D Blackwood about Vampirism will be republish ? If yes, when ?
This book is the best book for initiate to Vampirism practise. It is a very good book.

Best regards.


Maybe best to ask the helpdesk of www.BALG.co they can email the Co-owner Timothy.


Greeting Sihine, I am honoured by your interest in my work.
The book will be avaible on the BALG in the middle of July.


Looking forward to getting it myself. I don’t think I’ve seen a book released by BALG sell out as quickly as yours did since Timothy’s book on Black Magic. That one I think sold out in less then a month like yours did.

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Hi N.D Blackwood,

I am very glad you have directly answered me. Thanks for your reply.

I have put aside a few euros in order to buy your book. I have translated the video about your book into French.

I am a black sorcerer from the link of our website http://ordredugriffon.fr/

We are about 30 black magicians in Africa and Europe.

Best regards.



Hello, I am really impressed by your book, I am dwelling on it, I have stated my questions about your book today, can you give your views on this subject, it is the right choice to get information from the author.

You wellcome !
I will read this material.

This is how I view things.
From the spirit point of view, time does not exist. By making a pact with a spirit you engage yourself to open your perception to the spirit for a time that you decide. But once a pact has been made with a spirit, he is here. It’s more about chosing to open your perception to him for a period of time and engaging yourself to work with him.


Thank you very much, a friend of mine who is working on your main book and is really interested in you has the following in mind, let me ask your permission.

Hello Blackwood,

In your book, you suggested making a pact with like 5 demons for vampiric abilities for 20 years. Is a pact for 20 years safe and if you dont want to renew the pact after 20 years is it ok?
Also how did you manage to find the required DNA samples like hair, blood for sacrifices for demon pacts from 6 or so different people?

How did you manage to find a bowl of blood for offering to Wotin?

In one of your rituals, you were consuming the essence of 9 demons, do they consent on you doing this or do you devour their essence without asking?

Lastly, how can one avoid the karma effect if they are in the vampiric path and making people sacrifice to demons and stealing their vital energy?

The pact is as safe as pact with demons can be. Renewing it or not will largely depend on your hability to learn each disciplines in the said time.
I suggest that you use the DNA sample of a different personn per pact.
Blood can be purchase at your local butcher, at least in Europe, it is. You can also sacrifice an animal.

There are different ways to conceive the awaking of powers ritual. You can consider that the 9 demons are archetyps or deific masks and consum them. You can use a theistic approach and ask permition or a theistic approach and perform a devouring act. The point of view you adopt is yours.

Finally karma is considered as a simple law of cause and effect. Morality as nothing to do with it. Feeding from people isn’t different from eating the meat of an animal. Rooted amorality, wich is different from sadism, is an absolute necessity on this Path.


@N.D_Blackwood Hey, I may be late but since you are expert in Vamparism i may ask this and on your time you may answer me/anyone who may know the answer.

I will be honest i have not read your book yet, but in 2017 i was practicing vamparism from the book SEKHEM APEP by Michael W Ford. I did the rituals from the first one till the last within the book and honestly i felt the power of being the vampire i could suck any body energy with just a mere gaze.

The issue started within he last three rituals i was doing , i started to have vivid dreams and i felt the effect even if after i woke up. The dreams were more the same like everyday.

The dream was, I was travelling to the war areas but most often to the areas where there are dead corpses and i was feeding physically on the corpses. Each day i got similar dreams, only the location where i was feeding the corpses changes. And on waking up i felt more powerful and energy within me was more vibrant. If scenario changes i was feeding on the blood of a living being (i know it may sound crazy but is what i experienced)

two weeks after i finished all the rituals i started to feel my stomach is full all the time and i remember on one evening i felt like i need to vomit and i went to bathroom i am not kidding on this brother i vomited piles of blood with regular approximation i could say it was like a kilogram of it.

After i vomited though, i felt my body was lite the heaviness that i used to felt was emptied out but it WAS THE LAST DAY I DID VAMPARISM.

Im not trying to say anything negative on vamparism, NOT AT ALL but from your experience what do you think may have caused it, to vomit the piles of blood?
(considering my health situation was quite okay)

Be blessed,
H. A. Adam

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Greetings sir and thanks for your testitomony !

I did read Sekkhem Apep recently the book is pretty good.
I actually never experience the blood vomitting thing. May be your body was rejecting the experience lived during your dreams ?
Maybe your body was over producing something due to your practice of vampirism ?
This is really hard to tell I haven’t heard similar scories before except from people who consume physical blood.


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you are second person who said the same thing “My body is rejecting something” but anyway thank you for the response i really appreciate it. Thank you.

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You wellcome.


Hi N.D Blackwood,

It is true that when you make a demonic pact with a vampire some month after, you will lost your hair and your hairiness ?


Never heard of this :slight_smile: