I'm confused about vampirism

I’m new to the field of vampirism, I have some questions on my mind and if I ask blackwood she probably won’t see Everyone’s opinion is important to me, but I would appreciate it if they expressed their opinion on blackwood.

Question 1.:Can someone who doesn’t want immortality but who wants to take advantage of the power of vampirism join this branch?

Question 2.:Can someone who works with the dark gods also summon angels or other beings for their needs and work with them?

Question 3.:Do the agreements have to be for life and can the agreements be changed?For example, it is very difficult for me to give pork hearts at the end of every month because I live in an Islamic country and pork is prohibited, so it is impossible to find pork hearts in these countries.

It should be possible, a while back I saw a video of a satanist that work primary with the internals (demons). He said that Arch angel Michael appeared to him at random to tell him something.

Although if you work primary with the Dark gods, you will slowly get attuned to that current. When you then decide the work with a different current, there seems to be a transition period, were your energetic body need to adjust to the (new) current.
E.A talks about his experience in Evoking Eternity.


If a person dedicates herself to this path, for example, leaves this path and turns to another goal after a while, do you think the dark gods will allow it?

  1. Yes, BALG discussions on vampirism isn’t the only use of working with predatory vampirism.

  2. Yes, Dark Gods is just Gods who have in my opinion elemental energy that is dark energy. Often times some Gods labeled dark Gods aren’t actually “dark gods” lol. However, regardless you can still work with angels as long as your own mentality isn’t disgusted by angels, your energy reacts to that.

  3. No, agreements don’t have to be life long they can be months, years, etc. it simply depends on those involved and what they wish to contract. However, you can’t back out but you can renegotiate if the need arises. Gods aren’t so finicky that they will screw you over for finding a path that suits you better. It’s a matter of how you handle it.


I want to work at home in all branches compilation dedicate to vampirism and give up my beliefs but I want to be a connotation invigation and a billionaire while working with vampirism at the same time

For example, I made a 3-month or 1-year deal with the gods, when the deal ends, will they take their vampire powers from me?

A deal is a deal, what both parties gain from those deals are permanent.

  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  3. You can change your mind, your path, anything. You are the only master of your fate, imo.

  4. You can’t “leave” your path, it’s yours and goes where you design not the other way around. You can take as many twists and turns to find your personal truth as you need. What you can’t do, is unsee what you have seen, or undo what you have done. You can forget, but you can also remember.

I guess they could try to block you but once you have a skill it’s yours. Stop putting these things on a pedestal as if they were better than you: there’s not.

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Nd Blackwood added that doing this for fun is suicide.

Actually, I want to do this for power, not fun, but my goal is to dedicate myself to it, not to become immortal, I want to make short-term deals, not 20 30 or lifetime deals until my strength shows up.

I will begin to study and study all the forbidden dark arts that have not been brought to light, and I will seek the help of Raziel, the angel of secrets, to learn them, All I want is to get stronger with these dark arts. I can’t devote myself to vampirism or any other art and make lifetime deals, I want to stay completely in the middle, manifesting neither the dark nor the light world wishes, I don’t want to be on either side, neither in the dark nor in the light, I just want to learn and become stronger.

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Example We had a 3 month contract and at the end of each month I offered him a pig heart and he gave me the power to take people’s energy and give it to whomever I wanted. Now this power will be mine forever, right?

And what will happen to the person I energize, and what consequences will the person I energize, and how does the other person I energize change?

Raziel aye excellent choice

We did some work with Raziel, she really can teach you all the secrets and methods of summoning beings you never knew and all the forbidden magic arts.


Raziel is the book of life imo
Hall of records
Beyond future
Before past
Transcendent present

I use vampirism as a preparation technique for other forms of magic and have no real desire for immortality so I do not see this as an issue.

Yes, this is something that has been discussed. That is not to say that everyone will get along with every spirit, but that is a matter of many different factors as opposed to the “species/race” of the spirit such as personality clashes.

Depends on the agreement that was struck, which is why it is important to take the time to negotiate and know what you are willing/can pay on your end, as well as knowing when to stop if the spirit’s end is not being met. That being said, agreements can be renegotiated as well although I cannot say if the spirit will always be open to it. They also do not need to be for life unless stated so.

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If you have extra energy you will must have some extra abilities expect if you hadn’t try to practice them to notice, for example some basic is to can make telekinesis or to turn off the flame of a candle only with your sight?

Also the author about immortality means to dont forget-lost the knowledge( keep the consciousness) through reincarnations, not immortality of the flesh, in the matter of the Body what can be achieved I believe is an extension of life for example until 200 years old like the Taoistic Masters of martial arts but this still requires tremendous discipline

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Quote me if I’m wrong on this topic but you can’t just get up one day and say “I don’t want to be a vampire anymore.” Because that is basically a soul alchemy process that transform your soul/being? I mean I’m sure you can get some things but Iv never heard of someone just not want to be a vampier anymore.

You could practice vampirism and gain some things but my question is what would you gain from this? I can see why Blackwood said what they said because I feel this is one door that once is opened it would be open. It’s not the type of path to just throw around and decide you only want to do for a year and think you can go back being who you are now.

If your looking for knowledge and experience then grate. But I can’t help to not understand why you want to dive into this path for simply the power to have only a year then hang it up. I’m sorry if im miss understanding something :thinking::woman_shrugging:t2:

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I agree with it , my personal view is i think it is more about how energetically it is affecting you permanently , but i do have similar question : is there any notefully disavantage to fully transform as a vampire through the undead gods ? Any door that close spiritually speaking ?

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