Mystery deity wants to work with me?

So, I have worked with demons in the past (Azazel mainly but still not much), but it’s been a few years. I didn’t have a bad experience or anything, but something in me just said that I wasn’t really ready yet, that I needed to take some time to just focus on learning and on other aspects of my craft and put deity work as a whole off to the side for awhile.

I work at a metaphysical shop as an astrologer and tarot reader, and we recently hired a part time medium and energy reader. We exchanged readings the other day, and something that she said to me is that she was picking up on someone who wants to work with me in the future. She said this was a darker masculine energy and that she could see mountains and a rocky landscape, and that she could see him inside of what seemed to be a cave. She also said she kept getting the impression of a storm when trying to focus on his energy more specifically. The storm thing is interesting because this has come up in tarot readings that my other co-worker has given me when we exchange readings. I was also told that while they want to work with me, they don’t feel like I’m ready yet, so they’re sort of just lurking in the background waiting until I am ready.

I’m definitely not trying to rush or jump into things too quickly…if I’m not ready I’m not ready, and that’s okay. I am, however, really curious and would love to figure out who this deity is so that I can at least do my research and learn about them, so that when the time comes that I am ready, I know my stuff.

So my question is, does anyone know who this might be?


If you don’t know it’s unlikely we will. The storm aspect is a lead though… I’d suggest you read around the subject of storm gods and see if inspiration hits. It will probably just occur to you and suddenly be obvious.

Nergal, Thor/Thunnor, yahweh, pazuzu … zeus… are common entities that come to mind associated with storms.

This is if the readers upg is correct: upg is upg, it’s ok if it ends up not being verified on your end.


Hey, thanks for the response! This gives me something to go off of to look into a bit more. Zeus was an obvious one I thought of, but when I asked my cards, they were pretty straight forward that it wasn’t him, though “darker” had me thinking that was also incorrect too. Thor is another more obvious answer that I somehow didn’t even think of. I wasn’t 100% sure anyone could help me out, but I figured maybe if someone worked with a similar deity that maybe “storms” and “mountains and caves” might be enough. I’ll look into the names you listed. Appreciate you!

Side note: Storms have always resonated really deeply with me and I’m kinda geeked that a storm related deity would want to eventually work with me.

Update: using my cards and pendulum, it seems that it is likely Pazuzu. That’s the only name I get a strong yes from.

Here’s the thing though…from what I’m seeing so far, he seems to be used for protection, banishing/exorcism, and baneful workings. I went in to ask my cards what his eventual intentions would be in working with me—what he would be able to help me with when I was ready to work with him. The cards I got suggest that the intention is healing old childhood wounds that are still affecting me. That seems…a little different from what I’m reading about him, and now I’m questioning if this is just an imposter who knows that I want to heal from my issues and would find this appealing enough to fall for it.


Penalty, I do see zeus and this as very dark characters, nectar they’re energy is warlike and selfish, which are dark traits in humanity. It’s not all goth and edgy but it’s to be treated with caution imo.

I used to work with Thor until he got jealous, I don’t even remember why, and me, well as an Aquarian I had no patience for that and left him behind. That’s old fashioned energy that didn’t suit me. Too bad, but we are nearly into another Ragnarok, and there’s a reason the old gods die. Times change, they can’t always keep up.

Always a sensible question to ask imo :smiley:

I might go cautiously, experimentally, and rely on my own strength to control and end the situation if it doesn’t pan out. You don’t need to be treated with kid gloves… It doesn’t sound like you’re new to this, so, you know you could fix a problem if it arose (like intentions turning out to be too predatory) and chalk it up to being a cocreative experience.

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This is very true, dark doesn’t always have to mean demon.

I’d say you’re right—worst case scenario I know how to protect myself and banish unwanted energies. I’m mostly cautious because I do have some trauma-related things I’m working through and something I’m being told by my co-workers who are also readers and from whoever this is as well, that I need to be at a certain point in that healing first thing’s first—right now I’m too damn sensitive, lol.

I will say that I do find it interesting if it is an imposter that there’s this patience and insistence in waiting until I’m in a better place. Who knows.

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