"My Worst Day Ever", Win a Free Servitor Contest Closed for Voting

Alrighty folks, here is your next challenge to win a free servitor. This contest is in honor of St. Patrick’s day, on 3/17/21. (If you weren’t aware St. Patrick’s day is always on 3/17)

This challenge will to be pm me, the short story about your worst day ever. This needs to be a true story, not sniped from another source.

The reason I am going to have the entrants pm me these entries, is that after submission deadline in seven days, I intend to share them all for a poll/vote- anonymously so that the entire forum has an opportunity to vote for what they believe was the truly worst day ever.

I’ll copy each experience, use page breaks and label them something like: Entry 1, Entry 2 etc. By sharing them for vote anonymously we won’t be able to vote based on who is liked best on the forum, and we can truly vote on the best story.


  • One entry per individual.
  • Entries must be pmd to me
  • Deadline for entries: 3/9/21 midnight Eastern Standard Time
  • Each forum member will be able to vote one time, so be sure to vote for your own entry when the time comes.
  • Deadline for votes: 3/16/21 midnight Eastern Standard Time, poll will be set for auto closure.
  • Prize Details: You are competing for a servitor that is designed to aid in all aspects of money and luck magic.
  • I will pm the servitors details and image to the winning participant shortly after poll closure and announce the winners name publicly.

Let the games begin!


Nice idea :laughing::+1:


:rofl: Guess you missed the last two didn’t you… :stuck_out_tongue: I keep thinking it’s fun, but the last two times I didn’t get many entries- a few but, I’m hoping this one will be more fun for you guys than than the last two I picked.

If not I’ll just call it a loss and not do it again, but somedays I don’t think we have enough fun around here, so I’m trying to help with it.


Bump! cuz I’ll forget to remind you guys if I don’t while I’m scrolling through

are we talking about a funny worst day or a traumatic worst day?

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Is there a word limit imposed here?

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Either. So far I’ve got both and the one time someone else asked I told them to pick what they want to read when it comes vote time.

I personally would do funny, most people have done most tragic however. I left it loose on purpose- to try to make it so that everyone can participate this time, because I’ve been flabbergasted by all yous that can’t the last few times.

So far so good, I’ve got almost as many entries as last time already.

Nope. Some people sent me a page and others sent me a paragraph. Publicly judged tho so my opinion is send the type of stuff that you would vote for


The day I signed my soul contract


Doesn’t count unless you pm me the story!


Bump! Because I’m going to bed! As long as I like your pm know I got it and bookmarked it to add to the poll!


I’ve got nine entries so far and you guys have plenty of time, and that’s hardly any competition, so ya better be getting to it!


Just you’re daily reminder that you’re running out of time to submit a story!


Ok I submitted my story. I hope I win my birthday is March 18th but we celebrate on the 17th Eve hehehe.

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This shall be fun and therapeutic! :upside_down_face:


To clarify ,Going to my teacher head bowed, broken and terrified was my worst day. Knowing I played chess with a terrible and old Prince of the Goetia and lost. I was beaten badly and humiliated. The spirit carried out it’s charge as COMMANDED but in a perverse and wicked way that’s why it’s my worst experience ever.

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I can add thst clarification to your entry for you, if you like :slight_smile:


Please do I want the readers to know my suffering under the wrath of Prince Sitri was real, terrifying and humiliating. I want to share this so others don’t make the same mistake in ritual that I did demanding him to perform his charge sans reward in the name of YHVH. Also it’s funny to look back on. I really don’t think Prince Sitri was angry angry either. I was like a mouse being dragged around half dead in the mouth of a cat…or leopard as it were.

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I hope I win I asked Prince Orobas to give me a familiar helper spirit to help with work, money and luck gambling. I once won a 150,000 pesos at electronic bingo about 4years ago. It was very strange my mother just died and I was really angry with the bingo staff for some reason I can’t remember. Then I felt my stomach drop to my feet like an elevator moving down fast and the screen showed I hit the jackpot. that’s about 5,000$

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Well good luck :slight_smile: I’ll add the information to your entry before I post it.

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Thanks a bunch for having the contest. Even if I don’t win I’ll probably use the search function to find your instructions in servitor spirits. Everyone here knows your second to none in that area.