My Workings with Sepheranz/Arachne: Weaving the Web and Becoming A Spider

Hey Guys this is a Thread that documents my time Working with Sepheranz, also known as the Spider Goddess Arachne.

Im making this public cause fuck it, why not?
If you have any advice or get a message from her feel free to post it
First Post:
So I invoked Sepheranz about a week ago. Did a brief conjuring, then dismissed her.

Two days ago i saw a Spider. A big one. Came outta no where.

Attacks. Or “training” as she just spoke into my mind :joy:

Its been consistent SUBTLE shit! Like so subtle you dont realize whats going on till hours later. Spider Vampirism, feeling webs in my face as i walk, and around my hair, etc

Apparently she has decided to take a Angelic Spider form now to give me a taste of “Angelic Vampirism”?

It feels similar to the rapture state. Like so similar you think you are in that state of mind.

But you are also being drained.
Odd thing is…this is making me hella stronger.
I can actively feel myself getting more powerful.

Only downside?
She not going anywhere for awhile until she strips me bare and makes me fight and kill her and her spider servitors to get my shit back lol.

She has also cut off contact with other beings by impersonating them when i evoke.

Yes ik these are red flags. But shes been doing this way before i even knew it was her.
For some reason, i am expecting dream work to be done. Which i never did before.

I will see what the Spider Goddess has in store for my Ascent.


How are you going to kill her and her shit lol.


Time and Space, A Shattered Place
Fear the White Web Man
That watches, waits, and Weaves.


Ohhhhhhh I absolutely ADORE Sepheranz. I am floored…astounded…that she has chosen me to work with in such a way as she has already.
Truly, truly lovely <3


This is great timing. How much do you know about her if you don’t mind me asking?

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See, that’s the thing. I’m not even sure it’s her. I just know that spider’s are a common motif in my dreams and they appear in real life right before something significant happens. I don’t know if that’s a deity or a totem.

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Perhaps it could be her, that’s why you sought out this post?

My Advice is read the Article on the Website K recommended.

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Okay, so some of this is kind of unfortunate…

The site says she’s closely associated with Hecate. And one of my tattoo’s is Hecate’s wheel over a spider web. The web is only there because I was afraid of spiders and it was for a “Facing your shadow” symbol.

But the more I read the site, the more I want to avoid her. She sounds a bit malicious.

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By the looks of it you could have easily being chosen by her. My advice to you is to ask Heckate about this (provided you have a good relationship with her).

Also she’s not really that malicious. Yeah she’s harsh but her advice has always helped me. I was going to avoid working with her but she wouldn’t let that happen.

Well, she’s distinctly showing up in my dreams now, and I didn’t even call her. I blame you for this. I don’t know how it’s your fault but I’ll find, but I’ll figure that out later :joy:


Believe me I am almost as confused as you are. Feels like my mind is making things up.

However if she really wants a relationship with you, she will find a way. Pretty much any deity can do that.

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Goddess Arachne Sepheranz :heart_eyes: is awesome to work with. Is an eternal fountain of power. Arachnidia Karaan!

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