My version of the "master curse" and now I'm ill. What happened?

So I did my version of the master curse using a NASTY sour jar, Andras,Glasya-labolas, and Abbadon. It was completed by burying in the graveyard. I’ve already been seeing results in the target but after burial it I ended up with an extreme case of food poisoning that landed me in the ER 3 days after burial.

Protection,cleansing, and divination were done for weeks beforehand to ensure it was justified and the proper methods were used. The targets defenses were broken as well and I cut cords to ensure we we are no longer connected when this hit him. While this was experimental I still had guidance from the GOM ritual and spirits themselves. I know some backlash is to be expected in hex work but I’ve never experienced more than a cold.

Has anyone else had bad side effects from a curse? Honestly if this is as bad as it gets I’m ok knowing what the perp is going through is worse.

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No backlash is expected other than regaining a feeling of authority of calm.
Did you pay the graveyard spirits once you entered and left?
Did you take a salt bath or a hyssop bath after returning from the graveyard?
Did you walk back another way you came, in order to confuse the spirits following?

If not, well you might have attached some pretty nasty entities to yourself.


I only had some minor negativity from people from baneful magic but I had done lots of it. I had put a whole book of angels of wrath on someone followed by two weeks of baneful magic with Djinns and added work with demons and other fire spirits to completely destroy my enemy who was still attacking me.
I had no time for protection spells. I was full of wrath and fury to attack my target I was just sending back all the negative energy he was sending me.
I have no idea why my baneful magic doesn’t backfire on me. I believe that is because I only save it for people who indeed need punishment like abusers, rapists and very bad people and I keep the punishment fair :woman_shrugging:

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It could also be that you just happen to be ill and its not related.

But it could be that the person has some kind of mirror shield that either went back up in between your check and the working, or that you didn’t find, or if it was placed on them from another protecting them, those can be hard to see sometimes. if what you have it what you intended for the target.

I have a particularly hard target and I don’t get backlash as much as reduction and deflection.

That’s great, but as a friendly reminder moralising is against the rules here, so, you don’t need to explain yourself, or virtue signal. It’s fine. (Offering easier solutions to a problem is also fine) :slight_smile:
We really want the convo about baneful work to stay on topic not digress into the same-old rationalisations on every post. If you need to to do a curse, you need to do a curse, it’s not our business why. You’re an intelligent, responsible and sovereign individual aren’t you? So it’s up to you.


This will sound silly but did you maybe bury it on land bloodied by the ancestors of your target???

I would do some work to check

For some reason this possibility hit me hard

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I had an authority of calm until today. I live in the inner city so it’s a small graveyard and I couldn’t take a different way out. I’ll cleanse again as that may be the issue.

Thanks for that! I see the results working on the target so I don’t think it was reflected. But it might be unrelated considering my exit from the graveyard wasn’t so smooth and I was already dehydrated.

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I highly doubt it aa the targets family is from out of state.

I was brainstorming on the possible reasons. I personally still have no idea why my baneful magic is the best magic I can do. Love spells for example are a hit or miss for me. I d love to hear thoughts on how I make it accidentally work haha
But yes you are right. If you need a curse you need a curse

I’m not sure why you expect backlash of any kind?

The two could be unrelated.

Also and probably more what you’re looking for, don’t live in the mindset that something bad has to happen before something good (for you) can. And make sure that you’re protecting yourself when you are doing this type of work before, during, and after as things can change quickly sometimes. Make sure you leave your magick behind, for example lusting for results is not going to get you anywhere so drop the topic from your mind as best you can.

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Something that just came to mind: is this graveyard close to wherever you reside at?


TBH, this doesn’t sound much like the “master curse” at all. That curse is carefully crafted, and it has been tested by GW & the GOM.

They know it’s potent and that it is AS safe as a curse gets. I’m always a little leery mixing and matching spirits and tinkering with established curses too much- which it sounds like you’re finding out the hard way.