My thoughts on suicide and a wizard's perspective

As a magician, manifestor and wizard, I have now information about this false reality we live in. I was thinking about suicide but since we all die one day, no real need of suicide, right? because we die anyway…we just have to be patient and it will come. But I am curious about one thing; does any of you tried suicide, died and came back from the realm of the dead? if so, what have you learned and seen? many religions tells us it is a sin to commit suicide, but according to what I have witnessed myself, escaping a prison planet is not a sin, it is a soul’s duty. especially with those arcons which manipulate this reality at will, using planets and god knows what else. Like implants for example. Your thoughts?

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Suicide is nonsense, people have found a way to go to heaven without killing themselves, merkabah, etc. You can also meet with spirits without killing yourself. This is not a reason for a person to kill himself and as a result, it continues by adhering to a cycle. Reincarnation is showing its effect, so death is not an option.

Probably people who experienced death will tell what they saw under the influence of drugs. I am a soldier once, while I was in northern Iraq, 2 7.65 bullets hit my chest and lungs in the line of fire, my body became cold, my whole body started to go numb. When I opened my eyes as if I was in a very deep trance, I woke up in a hospital in Turkey. As a result, I have not seen heaven and hell :sweat_smile: I believe it is impossible for this to happen unless the soul leaves the body


Please don’t. Suicide is Never the answer. And people you leave behind will suffer


In my case, no one could miss me because I am 100% alone. All family members I have left, left me for good and it is a good thing because they are narcissists. No one will suffer because I have no one in my life. I’ll tell you this much, I went through so much negative things in 55 years with humans, that I wish to remain alone for the rest of my life. Suicide was a curiosity for me, not an act I want to do.


None of us can claim to know exactly what happens after we die, but I don’t think suicide is the answer to escape this “prison existence”.
There are some magicians that have taken their life in ritual, I’m not really 100% sure about the purpose of that.
I don’t view suicide as a sin. I do suspect that if I’m right about assuming reincarnation is real, that the consequences of suicide are probably not the most delightful. At the very least pain, confusion and the necessity to live a similar life in a future incarnation

I’ve read a theory that after you commit suicide, you most probably either are bound to the world of the living for the remainder of the life-force you had left as a spectator or go to the great beyond and will probably be reincarnated and experience a premature death.

The point of reincarnation should be to experience and learn, afterlife should then be the region corresponding to the kind of life you have led where your soul or karmic energy body or however you view the part of you that you don’t shed after death goes to evaluate the experience and to eventually shed the memories up to just a checked box in your karmic being, so you can start an incarnation fresh.
Various sources seem to agree that the region you go to in case of suicide is not the nicest one. Most probably corresponding with the souls that lead a life of violence and death.

For the sake of friends I lost due to suicide, I hope this is not the case and they found the relief they hoped for.


I’m not reading this as a “I’m about to hurt myself” moment so I’ll spare you the obligatory suicide hotline info and leave the thread open. I have my own ideas here to share…

It’s not a false reality. Nothing of the sort. But no, if you suicide, you’ll just reincarnate, so the better option is to ascend, gain enlightenment and then you can choose where there to incarnate physically or not, and you will get the real truth by yourself through your own understanding.

I’ve had several near death experiences and for some there’s blackness and for some there’s a universe of possibility. It was black when I was 6, it’s been different as I worked on my energy after I found qigong energy working.

However I got serious about suicide when I was 23. I was an atheist then and believed that if I died there would be only oblivion. I wanted oblivion. I was planning it when I heard a clear clairvoyant voice say, in a sort of bored-severe tone, “You do know, you’ll just reincarnate, don’t you?” Word for word, I swear.

I said: “No I didn’t know that!”. The entity didn’t answer. But I believed it.

I was really upset about it actually. It changed everything in my mind. If I’m fed up with this version of reality, when I was western and actually healthy and well off, how much worse could it get having to start as a child again? At least as an adult I now have my choices in my own hands.

That’s my take on it to this day. After using the occult I discovered the entity was Raphael. I also got in contact with my own spirit self at that time and started to live from that spirit more than the animal.

I’m not fond of Earth and I will not be coming back here after this incarnation, but I will take this sows ear and make a silk purse out of it.


How do you know it is not a false reality? we are composed of atoms and cells, so obviously, not our true true self.

I am not surprised it didn’t answered back! I suspect it was an Arcon, the makers of this reality or reincarnation systems that feeds them energy. In fact, my gutt feeling is telling me that it was indeed an entity to try to convince you to stay so you continue to feed them. They are super crafty and deceitful.

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I did explain it was Raphael.

I would know if it had been feeding on me, I’m an exorcist now but I was always a psychopomp and could feel spirits. I was an atheist but still believed in ghosts because I talked to them.

I have had my run ins with what I called archons and ended up going to war with them, but they have a different energy signature. They are immature beings subservient to another being, where Raphael is a personification of a power, really not the same thing and they feel nothing alike.

And no the ghosts are not the same thing either. I CAN tell the difference. :slight_smile:
I later asked Raphael in an evocation and he confirmed.


wow. ok. it is great. I wish one day to be able to feel and do what you do. thanks for sharing. I only wish one day that the universe relax itself so I can take a break. My body now undergoes a change now and I don’t know why or when it will stop. Not to have answers drives me crazy.

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Whatever entity said that was obviously Lying :disappointed:

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Valid point, if that is your view of god.
I have a very different view on (the essence of) god, though.
In the end, I think we can both agree that suicide overall is probably not a good idea ;p

Satan, however, doesn’t hate us. At least he doesn’t appear to hate me (and I’m just a regular human, nothing truly special) As most demonic/ underworld/ darker spirits he wishes for humans to be free of the chains we put on ourselves and step into the power we all have within us.

I don’t agree and I have spent years working on this question, and it was confirmed as Raphael.

You have zero experience in magick but you can tell members of this forum that their lived experience, verified using trusted techniques outlined in the tutorials you have not yet tried, are wrong because… why? Some dogma you saw in a movie?

What on earth do you think you are doing? You are welcome to disagree but come on. :slight_smile:
This is not your experience, right? Have you contemplated suicide, or are you are posting an opinion someone gave you? Do you know why you believe it? You’re practicing magick that’s against JCI religions doctrines but you know what “god wants” for other things…? :thinking:

I need to put my mod hat on here and remind you that we have a rule against preaching.
It’s fine to have your religion but please don’t derail a working thread with preachy sentiments. We are all aware what Christians think and that’s not what we are talking about here.


Some of my changes are due to eating differently. I eat almost carnivore diet. Most veggies triggers inflammations so I tend to eat anti-inflamatory foods. A wild ride 2023 was. Bow I do have some answers. the signs are always there but at times, we miss those, because our attention is put elsewhere.


Sorry bout that. I need to work on that. My views are not from movies & i don’t mean to be “ preachy”. I’ll try to do better & Stop that. I do have a lot of ugly scars from cutting & being in mental ward & depression or because sometimes I just wanted to see Blood :drop_of_blood: & then everyone automatically thinks it’s for attention :woman_facepalming:t3:& im suicidal

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Are we allowed to do art for people on here?

If it’s non-magickal art I don’t see a problem.

The 90 day rules asks that people are active for 90 days before performing free workings. That includes scans and divinations. :+1:

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I don’t do magic art. Just normal. Cuz I’ve always liked drawing :writing_hand: & now rock painting

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