My Tarot deck is missing

Hello Everyone,

I am so sad over something. Everything my life is going in a bad directions for these days.
And I wanted to have some time with my deck which I bought from amazon.
It was kind of expensive because I bought it with Turkish money, so considering $ is more valuable it was hard for me to save that money
It was Angel Tarot deck with angels pictures on it, but its missing I was so attach with them. My pendulum is not missing though
I search for everywhere but the deck is missing
:disappointed::disappointed: what to do?

I created a sigil with sigil creator but still no result.:disappointed:
Maybe its my fault
My sigil is like


Maybe say “I find my tarot deck” ?

You could also try calling upon the Angel of Lost Things:


I almost posted that, but then I saw you were already on it! :heart:

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I was coming here to say this too. Also use your pendulum it might be able to help you find the deck as well.


Vassago helps find lost thing’s

Is it this deck?

Nope It is not belong to doreen virtue.