My tarot deck is being a jerk or i am going insane

As you can see in the title, my tarot deck is being a jerk. I know tarot cards aren’t alive and whatnot, but at this point, I don’t believe that because they all seem to have a personality. My first deck, which I have been using for a while, used to give scattered answers. Now, if I ask a question and say, “Give me one card to show what’s going on,” just one falls out. This deck is being cooperative and nice.

Well, I bought a new deck since the other one was battered, and it is the most arrogant thing I have dealt with. It won’t give me straight answers. It won’t answer the questions I am asking, and it gives me answers to questions I didn’t ask. When it finally decides to answer, 5 or 6 cards fall out. Now my main deck is also behaving like that. Both of them have similar imagery.

So, tell me, am I just going crazy? Has this happened to any of you? What can I do to fix it?I know its mostly probably me but thought to share

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I also feel that decks have their own personality. I’ve never tried to communicate directly with a deck to work things out, if they don’t want to talk, then they don’t want to talk.

I usually let them be and try a different deck, after reconsidering how I asked the question as they may be trying to tell me there’s a better question to ask or a better way to phrase it. It can also mean “stay out of it” and be a warning of trouble if I energetically connect into a certain thing. There’s a subtle tell in the air that let’s you know what the problem is. It’s most often the “wrong” question".


When it’s not the wrong question, this usually happens to me when it’s the answer I might not want to hear, but need to hear nonetheless

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I had a deck that I felt disliking me. Left it alone for a while and came back later to it. I read with it now, no problem. My conclusion was that it didn’t like me at that point in time because my energy/life were kind of all over the place. (It all comes back to the practicioner in a way, right?)

My tarot teacher teaches that there are entities tied to tarot decks, and some of those entities are just funky little charlatans that have fun at your expense so you get stupid answers, you get misguided and lied to. There is a way to get another entity to the deck. I’m not sure of the specific process, but something along the lines of asking the current one to leave and inviting another one.

Not sure why you’re having problems with your main deck. Could be more about your perception and ability to connect if it’s happening with multiple decks.

How did you attune to your new deck?

@Nobody_Nobody Have you tried cleansing the deck? Also do you know if the deck was second hand bought? Usually it could be residual energy from the previous owner. Or it could be that it not attuned to your energy or the new environment it in. So i would cleanse it and then wrap the deck in cloth and place it near your altar or sacred area where you keep your witchy tools and stuff so it adjusts to energy of the new spiritual environment.