My structuring methods for new magicians

Keep in mind this is a powerful way of structuring for you new magicians this will help. This has been cultivated after years of practice before i got E.A’s course.

Lets begin​:+1::+1::+1:

First get comfortable. However you will close your eyes. And visualize an ocean or a stream or a creek. Command your thoughts to be swallowed by the body of water and wait a few seconds 30 seconds to a minute. Without thinking and just reacting command and think to yourself. “I command _____ to structure yourself within my inner vision and show yourself to me”.

It is at this point that you slightly in the back of your mind return your thoughts to the body of water but do not think on it let it flash in your mind as quickly as possible. Simultaneously form smoke in front of you in your inner vision and start to outline the form of a person and whatever details that automatically come to mind albiet any feelings of color or shade let them remain so and dont consciencely think to change them. Work your way from the top of the head to the neck,shoulders,body and so on. This is all automatic. Your thoughts that flash are those of the spirit world and how you can tell is akin to subliminal messages in advertisements and movies. Like brad pitt in fight club in the beginning. Use this as a base method its simple yet powerful. After you have beheld the image of the whole of the body structure all the way down to the feet. Bring the smoke beyond the body from head to toe. Filling in the gaps like a painting unfolding itself before you and hold the smallest details that first flash in your mind and dont think more then 2.5 seconds otherwise you will consciencely chamge the true appearance of the structuring…

This is extremely potent and powerful. But a great help new magicians post your results if you desire and may you have success in your magick this is the first hurdle in the magickal world that everyone wants

As an added note if you want to use psychic work from online users simply clear your mind using the above methods and state "i ask the spirits to tell me ____ about this (online user name) and pay attention to what comes to mind. Keep in mind the above visualization method given above is very effective in psychic work.