A friendly challenge for you new magicians

Wow… Thank you so much.
I am really glad it worked.

Ok got it thank you so much

Your welcome. Im not doing this to tell you you cant do it. Im letting you do this as a powerful mage who can let you know where your at. I KNOW certain mages like @Lady_Eva can definately send legions if she felt so compelled alot of people on here ask the same questions and dont know where they are at in their path i felt compelled to do this both as a test of myself but more for others to help them. Its my way of a contribution

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So what’s the method

I posted a seperate thread with the structuring method. Its a new post so you should be able to see it in the list " my structuring method for new magicians"

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I will send an entity to you in a few minutes.

Hi Godmagus, can I try send a entity for you? :slight_smile:

Did you try to send me an angel?

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Yes. That is what this thread is for. Once it gets to over 100 people ill stop but be sure i respond or lest i be bombarded by unwanted entities. And not tell the aspiring magician or magess they failed

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Thanks, yes I asked because I had no idea if you received 100 people by PM, lol. Ok lets try, will send now!

I kept getting an image of a demon. With wings 8 ft tall horns that curl and very strong and a deep voice. Did you send this?

Lol Godmagus, I did not sent a demon, but I think you have catch a thought of mine, awesome. Today, I was thinking a lot about Belial, and that was the first time he came on my imagination looking like a “classic” demon,
And that matchs perfectly about your description, lol

What I had sent you, was a woman, with a skin black as night and covered by tiny stars

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Perhaps i picked up on it from your thoughts but i dont know. This is just what i saw

Thank you, this was pretty nice as practice!

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I’ll send over something funny… lemme know what you see

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Kinda late but i saw a dog with glasses. Like a pomerianian

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I suppose a part of them could translate as “angelic” - I tried sending Alisiel and Oriel.

One was supposed to appear as a white snake, the other was supposed to appear as a demon. Perhaps i didn’t do it right.

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Was me.


Oh nice :+1::+1::+1: