My story of getting scammed by vashikaran specialist

Recently there was a lot of buzz about vashikaran on forums. So i thought to share my story of getting scammed so that people can become aware.

I came to know about the worker by his advertisement in the newspaper. So i went to his address . It was total 2 day Experience.

DAY 1*

Here is the conversation which happened between me and him.

Me : i want to get my ex back.

He : Sure … its easy… it will take 11 days max.

  • More talks here *

He : You would be required to bring these items for pooja - Two 2 ltr bottles of olive oil , 2 handkerchief , 1 fresh water bottle , 1 small bottle of cologne , Roses
and he took 9000 Indian rupees (around 130 US dollars ) and asked me to come early morning next day .


I came on time . he took me to his secret chamber. where he told me 3 different kinds of Sand samples which he said that he brought from cementry last night.

Him : We are going to call JINN using these cementarty dust to fulfil your desires. Then he aksed me to touch all three dust samples one by one while reciting some mantra.

Then he put all of them in EARTHEN POT.

Me : What should i do now ?

He : Spray cologne on the pot , Flowers around the pot , and cover your head by the handkerchief.

Me : Does as he says.

He : Now we will call JINN . He Will communicate to you through this pot. don’t be afraid… Sometimes JINN gets angry and will try to harm you and the pot may break. But dont be afraid i am here to help you.

Then he took two knives …over the pot forming an "X " and did some mantras.

Then he asks me to pour water from the bottle into the Pot and then bammm !! the pot explodes.


if you are interested in me WRITING part 2 of what happened next. let me know.


Lol, write it brother and also add the English of vashikaran in your thread title. Most people here don’t understand Hindi/Sanskrit

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Bruh, you are like one of those commercials. Quit toying with my emotions and just spill the beans.


For those wondering, vashikaram appears to mean bewitchment or mesmerism, but also subjugation, ie sorcery.

And now I’ll be muting this, since empty click bait isn’t of interest to me.

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I respectfully disagree, understanding the methods used by scammers will help people, so I think this topic is valuable and hope that @HellDevil will proceed in sharing this unfortunate experience.

There have been a few attempts recently to spam the forum using that title (vashikaran) and it’s always useful for both members and people who find the forum looking for magickal assiatance, to know some of the tricks used by unscrupulous people and frauds, although this forum can’t become a review site naming any specific person as being bad (or good).

I have explained the reasons the forum can't host reviews of the work of practitioners unrelated to BALG in this spoiler tag so as to not derail the topic, if anyone has questions please PM me.

There are many problems with this forum having reviews in the public section, to name a few:

  1. due to our rules on advertising, merchants may not join to reply if they feel they have been unfairly criticised, and due to sometimes unrealistic expectations by buyers, that is a strong likelihood if reviews are invited from all and sundry

  2. this is a forum for BALG, a business, and hosting reviews of other businesses in the same area is just a tangle of potential misunderstandings about why they would allow this (especially highly critical reviews), or, conversely, whether they are behind praise given, to the extent of accrediting it (seems unlikely but trust me, people’s comprehension isn’t always where we might hope it would be)

  3. there are already established sites that allow reviews of magickal goods and services, and that means people are able to share their opinions on neutral territory

  4. it opens a temptation to merchants to set up shill accounts and fake satisfaction with their own services, increasing moderation workload and risking throwing the forum into disputes over what is or is not advertising.


okay i will write what happened next …tomorrow… thanks for showing interest


click bait ? am i earning anything from this ? i dindt write the whole thing because it was lengthy and if people were not interested in reading it. then i would have wasted a lot of time writing it


strong text
I think the pot exploded because of sone chemical reaction taking place by mixing of the cemetery dust and water.

As the pot exploded , The Vashikaran Specialist Started Screaming " ohhh child the spirit has escaped… kneel down Fasttttt !!! and dont look at my side fast ! quick ! quick!

i did what he said… at this point as i wasnt looking at him… i am 100%sure he tied some string to the pot. after 2min.

He : I have controlled the JINN .he is back in the pot now and has agreed to talk to you. You can sit now.

Me : ** feeling confused for the drama that happened **

Him : We will start asking questions to the JINN and YOU will get the answers yourself.

Below are the questions he aksed AND the answers i got (lol)

Q1 : Jinn are you present here ? answer us.
A1 : Pot shakes itself( i am sure he was controlling the pot movement by some thread )

Q2. This child needs your help , what should he do in return ? Do You want any sacrifice?
A2: Pot shakes itself again , indicating yes

Q3: What do you want as sacrifice? Food ? Incense ? clothes ? meat ? Money?
A3 : Pot shakes on Meat

Q4 : Meat of what ? Lion? cow ? fox ? cat ? sheep? buffalo?human ?
A4 : pot shakes on sheep

Then he went on aksing how many sheeps the JINN wanted and in how many days the result would come ?

The conclusion that came out of this conversation was that i need to sacrifice 9 sheeps and the results would come in 7 days at max.

He : So you see? at today midnight go to the graveyard . .sacrifice 9 sheep and burry this pot with them and you will have success Ameen !

Me : i cant do this ??!?! how can i sacrifice? i have never done it.

HE : okay so do one thing…give me money to buy 9 goats …i will buy them and perform the sacrifices and add more power , but the ritual must be done midnight only.

after this he asked for 400$ for 9 sheeps. which i obviously didnt had.

at 1 point i though that i should tell him , that i knew he was doing drama. But he had sharp knives with him… and i was afraid if he would stab me… so i continued listening to his BS

He : Do one thing… Go home…arrange for 200$ …rest 200$ i will pay and you return them to me in this week. BUT DO NOT TELL ANYONE FOR WHICH PURPOSE YOU ARE TAKING THIS MONEY OR THE JINN WOULD ATTACK YOU.

me : okay got it and leaves the place… with the promise of coming back with the money within 2 hrs.

after 3 hrs he started calling me … i never picked his call …


@HellDevil damn dont gain fall for such thing.

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“Btw, the fact that you responded there on my thread I don’t think it might be a coincidence or something. You have Azazel in your name and now I was discussing (5 mins or so) with someone about some things in regards about Azazel that appeared to me. Also 3-4 days ago after I did my magical and physical training (I used AdamThoth’s void meditation, performed LBRP, extended my aura, activated my chakras and spinned them and then did some push-ups) some visions with me and Azazel in which I was having some intimate contact appeared to me” - This is a post that I made before you mentioned that thing with the sacrifice of goats. (a proof that I’m not talking shit) In that link it could be seen the sacrifice/killing of some goats and also it happens in India too.

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Would have been hilarious if you went and sacrificed the 9 sheep, took a pic and sent him, and then just called him up and be like:

“Yo, I fucked up the sheep, what now?”


I am really sorry to hear this man… its sad that every single of my current clients have been scammed so badly before they reach me… some people had spent $1000+ on several scammers before me. It sucks to hear.


sacrificing animals is a very common practice in india

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oh damn !! :joy::joy::joy:

yea its very unfortunate that people get scammed when they are desperately hoping for magic to resolve their issue

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Reminds me of a real vashikaran mantra i read about invoking azazel. Its was a shabar mantra, which means it worked super fast. It evoked azazel to assume the practitioners form and shape, and go to the desired girl at night, have sex with her, so that when she wakes up she starts having sexual feelings for the practitioner. There was a oath in there too to make it binding on azazel. ( he was named as ajajeel shaitan in the mantra). Not giving out the mantra because it has potential for misuse.

Vashikaran is real, but it is not easy. It also carries a huge load of karmic consequences as it is basically a way of changing nature’s plan. Thats just… My viewpoint on this.


Lol, everybody gets scammed at some point of their life, its just a learning experience at the end of the day!


Lol! U sure Azazel has a shabar mantra? He belongs to a completely different pantheon! May be you need to change your guru!


exactly !! :astonished: azazel and Shabar mantra ?

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Whoa. Firstly, I don’t have a guru. I read it in a book. Secondly, Islamic shabar mantras do exist. Azazel is called ajaajeel in Islam. Something like calling adam as aadam etc.