My story, as promised…

I’m going to keep this as short as possible, as there is quite a lot to tell, otherwise. At the risk of serious trolling and ridicule, I’ve finally decided to say fuck it and just dive in headfirst…

My story begins several years before I was born. My mother was dating a married man and was a practicing Wiccan. Needless to say, they conceived a child…which was obviously myself. Skipping ahead nine months, my mother had lost a lot of blood because I just wasn’t coming out. She kept seeing a dark hooded figure, face mostly covered by the shadow of its hood, standing over her performing some strange circular motion with its hands on either side of its head, like it was pushing energy or something. She said it had some sort of sigil on its chest also. After many hours of hell, I was finally delivered by c-section. Turns out that my head was too big for me to come out naturally.

Throughout my childhood, I would always see this same hooded figure just watching me. I thought it was normal and never questioned it. It never spoke to me at all until I was eleven. I was sitting in class and he appeared near the classroom door, just watching me like always. I thought to myself, I wonder if it’ll tell me its name? At that instant, I heard a thought that somehow wasn’t mine. So I wrote it down phonetically, just the way I had heard it: ANTARATU. Of course, I dismissed it as my imagination. But I never forgot that strange word. There have been many other events involving him, but this one really stood out.

About a month ago, I stumbled upon E. A. Koetting’s Nine Gatekeeper series on Amazon. I looked at them and read reviews, which led me to grow curious about the author. So I searched him up on YouTube and watched a couple of his videos. A few days later, the YT algorithm suggests Koetting’s audiobook The Book of Azazel: Grimoire of the Damned. Yahtzee! Lol So I listened to it. When Ant’harratu made his appearance in the book, alarms start going off in my head and that memory came flooding back to me. I knew Koetting would likely have a video pertaining to Ant’harratu. I can’t remember the exact one, but I had found it! Just to make sure, though, I watched the video and sure enough, they pronounced the name the same way I had heard it all those years ago. I typed it into the search bar and went to images. I couldn’t find any artist’s depictions of him, but I did find his sigil, which is a shape I would oftentimes find myself doodling onto my schoolwork when I felt fidgety.

The conclusion that I’ve reached is that perhaps he’s a patron spirit of mine. I’m not sure yet until I begin working with him, which I’m sure a lot of you are going to tell me to do so in order to find out. But before I do, I’d like to get some answers, suggestions, thoughts, and perhaps even some good questions to ask him once I begin. So…any ideas? Thanks in advance, everyone!


Sounds like you verified E. A. Koetting’s UPG and vice versa, that’s cool.

I sometimes recommend him for career path type stuff. I’ve not really had long conversations with him, he seems kinda all business and not into the chit chat as some are. But then I am as well, so.


@Mulberry Yeah he certainly gives off that air lol. Again, there’s so much more I have to say regarding my experiences with him throughout my life. What I just posted was just a nutshell. But if he’s all work and no play, then why has he been brooding over me since the day I took my first breath? Guess I’ll have to ask him that one myself :man_shrugging::confused: