My roommate has an imposter Jesus

So he tells me Jesus talks to him and he sees him everyday but told him that I was a zombie walking dead because I worship Satan. I tried scanning him and seen a man transforming and his head started to have many snakes appear I ruined the image because I was like no no no it’s not Medusa she loves me. I scanned again and seen a tall man butt fucking what appeared to be a minotuar. The roommate offered to introduce me to them but then recanted eventually I had allready started to get Yeesch’s attention on the topic eventually I explained briefly the situation to him but told Yeesch I don’t wanna stop in it’s all on you what you wanna do I just wanted you to look into it because they said that about me.

Afterward I tried channeling the imposter don’t remeber what I said the first time or his responce but then I was like so yea I’ma go get my sage and cleanse the area, my thoughts when channeling him we’re “you wouldn’t dare” so loudly I said no I would dare but I’m not going to careful who you talk shit about. I also tried to feel the imposters emotion regarding Yeesch being aware of him and felt nervouse and paranoid. So just thought I’d share this it’s worth a laugh, I think Yeesch let it live it was his call I did all the interfering I was gonna do when I told him I think it’s an imposter and explained how I’ve had the holy ghost to the point that while speaking in tongues when the pastor moved my hands Into different symbols I automatically changed what language I was speaking in each time. And then said buvt ive never seen or Hurd him, I’ve had an image of him in my mind befor when praying to him but yea don’t wanna say it was actually him I know he Hurd me though but always have a fear of being tricked by things that can make me see them instead of who I was talking at. Anyways any comments or remarks?


Satan is just a pawn mate…small fish in a big pond. X

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? This ain’t Satan he doesn’t personally take that kind of time to pretend to be juses to just be friends with a dinner like the person probably acts better then he would have if not for the fake Jesus it’s just a imposter no power.

This is why I may never have the courage to attempt evocations. Never know whether you’d summon the one you’d meant to evoke or end up with something harmful.

That’s why you build your foundation first. Many newbies go into it without doing so.


I’ve been practicing magick more often since New Year’s Day. Nothing too powerful, just simple spells for things like good fortune and protection.

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Have you worked on feeling your energy? The energy around you? Grounding? Centering, moving your energy inside and around you? Or even shielding?


What the??

Do general protection spells count as shielding?

To a degree but I meant more along the lines of creating your own shields.

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A friend of mine says that he “talks” to Jesus. He’s Luciferian btw. He claims that Jesus appears as kinda your typical weed smoking leftist and listens to heavy metal. He also says Jesus is okay with Satan, but not Yahweh. Given that Jesus is an Anti-authority socialist from the Middle East according to the stories, I’d say the Jesus we see white republican jesus we see in the media is an imposter.

Jesus can be black or white, it doesnt matter


John 14:6
Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Matthew 23:9
And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.

John 15:5
I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.



Smacks of Yahweh (the troll god egregore, NOT the Caanite god…).

Lord Yeesch should be able to help. But your friend is gonna have to do some serious inner/shadow work in order not to attract this thing back again. In the meantime, you can summon Cohzier daily for protection against it.

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i believe in these esoterically

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Christ Consciousness, which i talked to Michael about

probably referring to the internal Kingdom of heaven (the kingdom of heaven is within you), and by Father, i believe he means Cosmic consciousness

Spiritually speaking, Consciousness is the motor of all things in all planes, Physical, Astral and Causal

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You can abstract it as much as you want. But these verses are the very reason why I reject Christianity and religion in general. And they are certainly not anti-authoritarian.
There is only one way. One way to happiness, one way to God, one way to do it/etc.
No, there isn’t.


in terms of achievement of Divinity in man, full Realization of the Atman and the achievement of cosmic consciousness is yes, the only way to god, now it spreads in many directions, but if the goal is to know God, the roads all lead back to one

You’re simply replacing Jesus with conciousness. I get why you’re doing that, I see the connection, and good for you of it makes sense to you.

But it is the same as changing the quote to:
“Oxygen is life, no man can live without oxygen.”
This is absolutely right, but it has little to do with the actual quote.

Which one though?
If the kingdom of heaven is within you, and Jesus is not actually talking about his father, why would you even need to know him?