My recent successes with magick, demons etc

Fehu rune:

  • Got the rest of the money my mom owed me
  • got an inventory job (it was only a day but still a job)
  • I was asked to pet sit for my cousin again though I didn’t think I was gonna get any money that time but I ended up getting money.
  • got a very VERY low paying job for a lot of work but it is still better than no money at all.

Prince Seere:

  • manifesting things faster
  • for the first time I got my way with a guy and for the first time they didn’t just want sex lol huge improvement BUT instead they can barely have physical contact which sucks. then again YOU GET WHAT YOU ASKED FOR SO BE SPECIFIC😭 I wanted to find guys that wanted to get to know me and didn’t want me for just sex BUT I still want sex but I guess I wasn’t specific enough with my intentions lol.
  • finally losing weight and gaining strength faster

King Belial:

  • less blockages for manifestations
  • recently I had a really hard time manifesting even the smallest things but after contacting Belial I was able to quickly manifest a pizza and tomatoes which I really wanted lol. small steps you guys but they will turn to big ones one day.


  • I had to take blood tests on a few things to see if anything was wrong within my body and I got a letter back saying that I was dehydrated and they needed more tests. I prayed/asked Marbas for the tests to not show anything bad and when I got another letter they said that everything in my body was normal.

These are the successes I’ve had so far. I’m still working with these and I will continue to bring in more successes in the same thread. This will also be the first time I’m going to try and work continuously with these specific demons and the rune. I may bring more runes into this but for now I am only focusing on fehu.


Well done! These are some good achievements.

For the job maybe work on getting promotions :relieved:

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I don’t think there is a way to get a promotion in this type of job but I’ll be trying to work on starting a youtube channel and grow that for a time while I have this job :slight_smile:

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I just want to say: Awesome formatting. Also congrats! :smiley:


Thank you!:slight_smile:

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: sorry but this is funny…

Good work! Keep it up and you will be unstoppable!


Congratulations :clap:… bummer on the finding the guy thing. I didn’t quite understand it.

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  • my mom out of nowhere game me $50 and later that day she gave me another $50
  • my phone company randomly messages me that I’ll be getting more mobile data for ”free” like it’s the same price as I’m paying for already but they will change it so I get more data for the same price.
  • My cousin’s partner asked me about an inventory job. (will update if I got the job or not later)
  • my friend S told me today that she wanted to celebrate our birthdays by taking me out to an expensive restaurant this thursday.
  • got my paycheck earlier and it seems that I may be getting more money than expected after taxes but not 100% sure yet.


  • he’s helping me with my eating disorder
  • I asked Marbas to help my dad sleep longer and what did he do? get my dad to sleep more

UPDATE :x: I wasn’t going to update yet since I want a lot more successes before I update BUT I really wanted to put this one in right now because it got a lil story.

so this is a success from Fehu:

So a while back I searched for ways to get royalties like you would from music and such and found a way through making some type of artwork and putting it on t shirts etc. the company does everything for you and all you gotta do is put your artwork/ design on the stuff you choose and upload it then everything is through the company.

of course marketing would be great tho but I didn’t do any. I just had a few words on some tee’s and stuff. Kinda forgot about this and didn’t think it would sell anything so I didn’t do anything further with it.

I just woke up today and checked my email and the company’s name pops up and it says I got a sale?! sure I made $0,16 but it’s still something. enough for me to rethink everything and actually start marketing the stuff I got on there…


UPDATE :fairy:‍♂


  • I got the inventory job. I worked for 5h and since it was a sunday they’re paying me double the normal amount per hour aswell as paying me for double the hours worked so instead of paying me for the 5h I worked they are paying me for 10h. I don’t know the exact amount of money I’ll get yet but I’ll do an update whenever I get the money which will be next year I believe in January.
  • One of the guys I hung out with paid for my food. (saved money)
  • my friend got me a bunch of stuff that she doesn’t use but I do so I’m saving money not buying those things she gave me.
  • so my friend I wrote about in my earlier successes. she didn’t just pay for that expensive restaurant she also paid for mcdonalds twice that day.


  • A lot of these successes that I put under Belial is about my own workings with magick and manifestations. I have such a hard time manifesting things and Belial is helping me get rid of those blocks and obstacles that are in the way for results to happen. I suck at explaining things but I hope you understand.
  • I couldn’t do the most simple thing as trying to get somebody to message me. I got no results from it but now with belial helping me I manifested a message from somebody within a few days, something that before wouldn’t happen at all. I’m still struggling but it is getting easier.


  • had sex with two guys. both within 24h
  • guys find me super attractive

I added Beleth to the list. I’ve been told all year to keep working with her and so finally I started working with her again and will continue bring new successes with her in the future.


I have been following this thread since it’s inception and I see that the successes are increasing.

Congratulations :confetti_ball:

Do continue!!


Hi good to hear about your successes!
Are you using, invocation, evocation, simple sigil opening or another method?

Nice! This is inspiring!
Congratulations :clap:


That’s so nice :slight_smile: I will keep going of course! will not stop anytime soon.

@MiKu I remember when I was new here and I saw a bunch of success stories and I said that one day I wanna be able to share my successes too and a have a lot of them to inspire others :slight_smile:

@Alakir I use evocation, sigil opening and visualizing


Small update:

I haven’t done so much these past few weeks but I’m getting back into it.


  • I met another guy. He is not like the others and we had sex aswell. There could be something more than just lust with him. We are not on good terms rn but I’m fixing it. I do really like talking to him and would love to meet him again so we’ll see what happens in the future.


  • got money on christmas but I spent pretty much all of it already. Hoping to bring in more money soon.


I want to say thank you to Belial for helping me realize that I was blocking myself from my magick workings and that is why there’s been lack of results.


a little update yet again and future plans:


  • My mom bought me an iphone case, face roller and a tripod. She is also buying me airpods pro and it seems that she will also buy me some new shoes too! haven’t recieved any of the items yet though. long delivery time rn

haven’t done much else yet so there’s not many successes yet to update on but there will come more I promise you guys that!

future plans:

This year it’s all about reaching my goals which are moving out, generating sources of income and manifesting the stuff I want. I’ve read that it is easier to manifest the stuff you want rather than the money to get it but you do also need a source of income to pay for rent, food etc you know the deal.
This year I’m also focusing on self love, confidence, my body and start dating since I’m finally open for new love!

this is also a sign for whoever is reading this to make 2021 the year that you reach your goals, whatever it may be. make it happen! it is possible and you know it is.

I want to add that fehu is great for getting smaller amounts of money, getting gifts and smaller job opportunities. I don’t really know much more about what fehu can do and bring into your life but I’m going to do more research into it and see what more successes I may bring out of fehu.